Year End Closeout: Everything Must Go!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

SWAPs, the New Year is right around the corner! We are now in the season where many start preparing to set their resolutions for the New Year! We’re challenging each of you to join us for the last month of 2011 as we close the year out right!! We know that even though a new year is around the corner, there are some old things that we are still holding on to. For the month of December we are having a special Year End Closeout: Everything Must Go mentality!

There are 4 Midweek Push’s this month and each will focus on dropping the baggage, shedding the pounds, disconnecting the negativity, and handling any unresolved issues that might try to creep back into our lives. This will require looking within, not around. It will take being honest with self, not sugar coating. This will be transformational only if you are ready for positive change.

In John 5:6, Jesus asks the question, "Do you want to be made whole?" Truly that same question extends to you today, but first, there are some things that you need to let go of. We’re hoping that these Midweek Push’s will prepare you to be made whole if you are not already, and inspire you to stay whole if you are. Join us and encourage others to participate as well! We want to be made New, do you?

Speaking of being made NEW, we want to introduce “31 days to ANEW YOU” starting January 1, 2012! This will consist of reading a passage of scripture each day on newness, restoration, and transformation. Prayerfully this 31-day journey will serve to keep you abiding in your new man and keeping the old man in the past. We will update our blog later this month with the scripture passage list as well as put up each scripture on our Facebook page daily in January.

2 Corinthians 5:17 states, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.” So, let’s encourage one another through prayer and encouragement to get rid of the old and prepare for the new! Take some time to write a message on our blog or Facebook page to encourage someone…Remember, this ministry is about swapping and receiving!

Likewise, remember we are only a phone call or an email away. Any questions you have, don’t hesitate to let us serve you. After all, Jesus was a servant, and he has called us to do the same (John 13:1-5).

We are praying for each of you, if you want us to call you by name, let us know; we’ll be honored to go to the Father on your behalf!!

Because of Him,

Shanita & Melanie

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  1. Thanks Sisters, this was right on time, God is good. Please pray with me that I can let go and let God that I can leave behind and move forward but most of all I can move forward without looking back.

    Much Agape


  2. You can call me by name as you pray. Its Lisa. God bless you and thank you so much for the ministry that you are doing. Its good for women to encourage women. GOD BLESS!!!!!!

  3. Yes sister. I agree, let go off the old. And into the new With are new attitude. Leaning on the ever lasting life Which is christ Jesus!!! Lord thank you for these Women you put in place to do your work amen!!!


  4. I am greatly standing in the need of prayer sis and bro. thanks.

    T. Ward

  5. Hey Ladies! Thanks for the idea of giving us an outlet to let go and let God!

  6. Ladies, we are so excited about getting this month started in getting rid of the old so we can be fresh and new to begin our 2012! God is ready to do a mighty work through us, so we encourage you all to continue to uplift, strengthen, and pray for one another as well as keep our eyes focused on the goal: CHRIST!!!!

    We are calling everyone by name in prayer so SWAP this site with those you know who stand in the need of prayer, who may need to LET EVERYTHING GO in order to be used by the Lord!

  7. I'm so glad you ladies have this ministry going via the web. It is certainly helping me in many ways. I've had a not-so-good week last week, so this was perfect timing for me... "Everything (negative) Must Go!" for this upcoming year.

    I am praying for this ministry in hopes that it will not only restore but bring someone to Christ.

    In Christian Love,

  8. Francine,

    Those words you just spoke truly help build the foundation of this ministry. We didn't know this was what God was calling us to do 6 years ago but we are so glad we were obedient to his calling. We are praying for you to have a better week this week. You are so right, ALL NEGATIVITY MUST GO! We are praying that the Midweek Push's this month truly help you in preparing for the New Year, the New You! We just want you to know that we are praying for you! We are also thankful that you are praying with us in regards to restoring souls and bringing souls to Christ! Let's keep one another lifted!

    In Christian Love,

    Shanita & Melanie

  9. Ladies I enjoyed this blog, beautiful.
    What a great way to start a New Year
    with a new you. Putting behind the...
    past, giving it to God , so He can set
    us free Sin and keep us free. Thank You!

    PS. I thank Deanna for telling me about
    the great work you ladies are doing.

  10. You are so welcome! God has placed this in our hands to open it up to feed others! His Word is a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet! We rejoice over the blessing of this ministry. We are thankful that God has brought women like you and encouraging sisters like Deanna our way. Those words of encouragement aid in keeping our foundation firm, fixed, and focused on Christ! We hope you are able to check out today's lesson that started the Year End Closeout series off! We're praying for each person God brings our way, that includes you!

  11. Thank You ! Yes, I did check out the lesson. I Enjoyed it very much. I subscribe to it .
    I found it to be encouranging, motivational,
    and a great way to start the New year.
    Deliverace from the past,is healing for the present.



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