Year End Closeout: Everything Must Go!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Now that you’ve dropped that useless baggage that has been slowing you down, it’s time to start really shedding the pounds of your old woman. The issues inside of you have left you exhausted and spiritually out of shape. Here is a closeout sale that you do not want to miss! This is not a purchase all sale, this is a purge it all for newness party! Everything that’s left and loose and hanging on in the inside must go! Release that inner hurt, drop that inner guilt, release those inner fears, and run your way to freedom. This is your second warning: Shed All Loose Ends.

Do you feel like a balloon ready to pop? Are you full of it? You’ve heard the saying Use It or Lose It? Today, God is saying LOSE IT, so I can USE IT! Don’t believe me? Check Matthew 16:24-25. “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” We have got to loose ourselves of ourselves so we can be beneficial and useful to the Lord. You do this by Shedding All Loose Ends. Lose the issues that control you, lose the worries that consume you, and lose the failures that haunt you.

The most important way to begin shedding those pounds is to do some prep work. If you don’t set a goal, the pounds have control. Your goal is ultimately heaven and to lose the old woman of your past, so you can live as the new woman of the present. Our PREP work looks like this: Step 1) Plenty of water, Step 2) Routine development, Step 3) Exercise, and Step 4) Persistence.

  • Plenty of water (John 4:14)
You need JESUS. There’s no way around it. Without Him, we can do nothing; with Him, nothing is impossible. In John 4:14, Christ said He is the living water and if anyone drinks of Him, they will never thirst again. Wow, that’s a lot of water! That's surely more than the recommended 8 glasses a day. Jesus is the living water that will help you shed the pounds of insecurity that no one sees. Jesus purifies you of those self-hate thoughts you think about yourself. The human body is made up of 98% water; your spiritual body, once in Christ, is 100% pure living water. Intake of plenty of water is the simplest way to lose weight. Drink from the well that will never run dry.

  • Routine development (Proverbs 6:6-11)
To get where you’re going, you’re going to need a system. Every athlete has a routine, even the ant gathers in summer in preparation for winter. To shed loose ends you need a schedule. Unplanned time is usually wasted time, leaving you in spiritual bad shape; filling your inner woman with all forms of evil. Will you rise early and put your concerns into the Lord’s hands? When will you set aside prayer time with the Almighty? What scriptures will you rehearse to fight off the enemy? A routine of scriptures will not only put the devil in his place (Matthew 4:1-11), but will put you on the path to weight loss!

  • Exercise (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)
We gain weight, not because of what’s on the outside, but what we store inside. When you’re full of something, nothing can get in and it takes work to get what’s in, out. You’ve been dealing with YOU for umpteenth years now and you probably feel like this is just how you are and who you’re going to be. Right? Wrong! Those are doubt and complacency pounds courtesy of the father of lies, satan. You will have to whip and beat your body into shape if you want to notice a difference. It has to be a conscious effort made every day to improve you. The devil will be mad, but even if you did what he wanted he still wouldn’t be happy. So train your body and run for your life.

  • Persistence (Philippians 3:13-14)
She’s waiting. She’s waving. She’s worshipping. The new you can’t wait to get her hands on you! Can you see her? She has some plans for you, dispatched from the Lord on how to work with Him in this next season of your life. However, to get to her, you must be persistent. You have to press toward the goal, woman! It won’t be automatic; it must be purposeful action. This is just week two, we have not made it. There is so much weight to lose, and so much old mess to purge.

It’s time to Shed All Loose Ends! Purge all of the voices inside that are saying you can’t do it, that are fighting against your potential, that want to keep you pleasantly plump and spiritually puny. God is ready to do a new thing in your life, but if you keep holding on to the old you, God’s work may never be done. Miserable Mindsets must go! Poisonous Passions must go! Silent Squabbles with the inner you must go! Lose Weight, Feel Great, The Master needs you to be in shape!

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  1. WOW !!!! What a powerful message of encouragement and inspiration. Thank you so much for sending this awesome message. Its a confirmation to me as to what the "hold up" is in regards to my spiritual growth.
    May God richly bless and keep you

  2. Thank you so much Jean for the wonderful feedback and sharing of words that you took from this message. Reading your response is an encouragement to this ministry! We are blessed to engage with sisters like you!

    Peace & Blessings,

    Melanie & Shanita

  3. To me the work that you are doing is the heart beat of God.
    Love you ladies with the love of our Lord Jesus

  4. Thank you so much S.W.A.P. Ministries! You inspire me!!!

  5. You are an inspiration to us too Lisa!! May today be a blessing for you!

  6. Thank u Jesus for this week's mid-week push from the beautiful sisters of SWAP ministries!!!! Ladies this is truly good reading for my soul today...I have been tying up some loose ends for a while and today's mid week push helped me to put the next step in perspective...its crazy bc I was jus telling someone that I feel like I am in a season of preparation! many thanks and blessings ladies...sorry so long! :)

  7. Never apologize for writing what's on your heart, regardless of length! We are rejoicing with you as you are in the season of preparation! We are glad to hear you are having a SALE (Shedding All Loose Ends); Don't look back! No No No!! We are praying with you and for you! Elita Hill, you are a beautiful light to so many, don't let it go dim. Your encouraging words help us have a stronger foundation! Know that we love you!! ♥

  8. Now, I haven't read all of it; from the two paragraphs I have read its pretty good especially the part about losing the baggage of hate, temper, and things of old! You all are hitting it on all cylinders! I need you all's sermons/essay about the power of GOD to keep me motivated and determined to stay committed about the word! Thank You!


  9. Hey Derrick Bell, we thank you for sharing your thoughts about this week's Midweek Push. It is truly God that has placed this series in our hands and we are just glad to be conduits unto which it reaches so many people. We may do a lesson or two in the future about the Power of God; you won't catch any sermons from this team, God has called us as ladies to be teachers of his Word, not preachers. So we will continue to walk in the way unto which God has called us. It's good to get the male perspective on some of these lessons we are doing, so thank you for sharing. We are praying for your commitment toward the Lord and that you will be guided into all truth!!! While you are thanking us, we're thanking God for you! God bless Brother!


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