Year End Closeout: Everything Must Go!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


For the past three weeks we’ve addressed the baggage, the inner thoughts, and the negativity that need to be removed in this Year End Closeout Event. So what’s left? If those particular shoes didn’t fit you, what ARE you wearing that you know needs to come off? What’s left inside of you that hasn’t been resolved, handled, or taken care of? Are there issues lingering that will hinder your growth and potential? Everything Must Go, which means there’s no room for unresolved matters in the New Year. This is your fourth and final warning: Let Go of the Leftovers.

Are you digesting leftovers that are no good for your soul? Are you holding on to concerns that won’t allow you to grow? It’s like saying, “I know this is poisonous, but I’m going to hold on to it anyway because I’ve had it for years.” Let go of the leftovers because God can’t use a full woman. He needs you to be emptied, to make room for Him. The Lord is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5) and shouldn’t have to compete with the things you don’t want to get out of your grips.

These problems that have been built up inside of you have one thing in common, YOU. Only you and the Lord know what’s really going on. Take an honest inventory of your life, actions, thoughts, beliefs, and value systems; are there unresolved issues within that you can’t seem to let go of? If so, it may not be the issues, the issue may be you. You may be standing in your own way; blocking your blessings because the old you refuses to change.

Let Go of the Leftover:

…unresolved disputes.

Empty yourself of yourself and let the Lord occupy the New You! Even Jesus emptied himself in order to serve (Philippians 2:7). Emptiness is forgetting ourselves for God. What better way to enter the New Year than being refreshed, open, and ready to receive what the Lord has to give?

So go on, tell your friends about these Closeout Deals! Put out your For Sale Signs! Disconnect from the wrong Power source! Let Go of the Leftovers! Reconnect with Love because Everything Old Must Go! This is your Year End Closeout, to make room for the New You. When they begin to ask you, what is it worth to give up those things or why go through the trouble of letting that go; be sure to tell them, "EVERYTHING MUST GO, in exchange for the Master!" That's a deal you just can't refuse!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this lesson. It was real, to the point, but also challenging. Thank you.

  2. Blessings! I am not even sure how I clicked on to your page but l am going to believe it was divine appointment. I have been able to release things that have hindered me for a while and l am hungering for more of God. By the New Year l hope to have myself totally emptied of me and full of craving for the things of God.

  3. Thank u sincerely S.W.A.P. Ministries for this very timely and powerful message....I thank God that I am not alone in the hardships I am presently facing....and I thank U for your prayers.....Indeed, I definitely want to leave the "LEFTOVERS WITH 2011" and welcome 2012 -----renewed, strengthened and abundantly blessed ! Thank U Jesus for your mercies ! Thank u again S.W.A.P. Ministries - sending you all our best wishes for A blessed and prosperous 2012 - from "the land of a thousand hills - East Africa."

  4. Ruci Nailati, what a blessing you are to us as well!! This message was for us too!! We are wishing you a safe and prosperous New year!

  5. I'm totally enjoying the word from you blessed woman of God. I hate that I missed the three weeks, but I'm glad that I have the chance to be bless by your teachings. I so appreciate this ministry because I ask God to bring someone into my life that I can connect to. Sometimes I feel the need to vent and I think that those around me will judge me for not being strong all the time for them. But Moms need encouragement too. So I thank you ladies. -Maggie


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