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Monday, January 30, 2012

February 14th is coming quickly. All next month we will hear about love. Media will promote buying jewelry, chocolates, and cards to affirm your love. Relationships will be rekindled and couples will be everywhere.

The focus of our Midweek Push's for the month of February will look at the Sacrifice of the Love of Christ in our lives. Our relationship with God will be rekindled. Women everywhere will be living a life of love for God. It is not merely about buying gifts or candy. Jesus has already paid the price and we are the gifts that present His love to the world.

So join us as we discuss these four aspects of the Sacrifice of Love in February:

Love Without Limits
Love With Obedience
Love With Volume
Love Without Expectation

Get Excited! Get Ready! Love is in the Air! Share this with all the women you know so that we can learn more about love and grow together!

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