She's A Keeper: Keep Your Personality

Monday, January 30, 2012

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;” (1 Peter 2:9)

Private Property

You are God’s own private property. You are fenced in by His grace. You don’t look like every other lawn in the neighborhood. You are distinct and flawless. Your features attract people’s attention. No intruders are allowed on His property and violators will be prosecuted at the Owner’s request.

We are God’s prized possessions. Purchased with the blood of Christ, we now belong to the Him. He has placed a new sign on us that reads, Christian. When others look at us, we should be noticeably different from the world. Because of His purchase, KEEP your Personality so that onlookers know whose lawn you are.

Chosen Property - Out of all people, God chose you.

The scripture says that you are a chosen generation. In 1 Peter 2:9, chosen comes from the Greek word “ek-lek-tos,” which means selected, elected, or favorite. You are God’s favorite, and we know the favorite child usually gets what she wants (Psalm 37:4). Others may treat you like nothing, but God stepped up and noticed you. You are a chosen property not a frozen commodity so act like it. However, your character should exhibit significance not snobbishness. The Father picked you as His own unique prize, so KEEP your Personality by not apologizing for being the gift He specially selected for Himself.

Royal Property - You are a queen with power.

Peter calls it a royal priesthood, taken from the word “bas-il-i-os” which means kingly power. Have you put into practice what He has placed inside of you (2 Timothy 1:7)? You have been granted a spiritually regal place in the Lord’s heart, so you must speak with power! When people see you, they should see a woman of grace, elegance, and importance. They should hang to your every word knowing you speak as the Lord (1 Peter 4:11). Because of your royalty in Christ, you have the power to speak great things into your life. You are a queen. KEEP your Personality by being the Father’s royal gain, not a royal pain.

Holy Property - No trespassers allowed.

This is holy ground. You’re standing on holy ground. For the Lord is present and where He is, is holy. The words to this song depict what it means to be property that belongs to God. Holy comes from the word, “hag-ee-os” denoting purity. You are to be clean, sanctified soil that is meet for the Master’s use. Do you have a dirty mouth? Are you living a foul lifestyle? You must know that the shed blood of Jesus has brought you back to purity and the Lord wants to KEEP you that way. Present yourself pure in body and thought before the world. Make others think twice before trying to defile what the Lord has made divine. KEEP your Personality by remaining holy in your presentation.

Peculiar Property - You are distinguishably and distinctly different.

Peculiar originates from the term “per-ee-poy-ay-sis,” meaning purchased or possession. When God purchased His land (His people), they were noticeably different from any other land. You are a part of that possession. Just like when someone saves up enough money to buy the item of his or her dreams, God provided mercy as the down payment, and then Jesus paid it all! Just for you. You are a magnificently created turf. You are a majestically manicured lawn that resembles the brilliance of God. You must shine! You must KEEP showing the world what God looks like through your life. You have to be different, so stand out now! KEEP your Personality by being radically like Christ.

No Loitering

You have a purpose! You are to be the vessel that God uses to show Christ to the world. Are you ready? You do this through your words that sound like Christ; through your appearance that looks like Christ; and through your love that gives like Christ! KEEP your Personality and get to work KEEPing God shining through you. There is no time for loitering; it is time to move your feet.

You are God’s private property. You should not allow yourself to be damaged nor stepped on. Do not let people walk over you any longer. When you give your life to God, He brings you to a greater position in Him, where no trespassers—like anger, pain, regrets, worry, or defeat—are allowed to trample you. Don’t give the devil a chance to treat you like dirt. You were created to shine and grow healthy, not to have your growth stunted by neglect and manipulation. You are a worthy woman of God; KEEP your Personality present before the Lord and fueled with the passion of Christ.

Be A Keeper. Keep Your Personality purposely fenced in by God's grace.

Scriptures to Reflect on:

Exodus 19:5-6
Isaiah 43:1
Titus 2:14

Study Questions:

1) Think of something you’ve paid big bucks for. How do you cherish and take care of the item? Would you give it away for free?

2) Have you allowed your lawn to be stepped on? How can you do a better job of protecting God’s private property?

3) In what ways are you exhibiting a personality that leads others to Christ? If not, what can you do to make changes today?

Thank you:

For each of you that have taken this journey with us, we thank you and are praying for you. As you are becoming the woman God has created you to be, we pray for your strength and faith to increase! Feel free to share your comments on "Keep Your Personality" below. We'd love to hear from you! Also, share with others and encourage them to grow with us. If you are new to S.W.A.P. Ministries, you will find the previous 3 lessons of the She’s A Keeper series below.

We would also like to thank you for joining us for the Kept Woman Series: She’s A Keeper. It is our prayer that you were moved to find more ways to KEEP your Priority, Praise, Position, and Personality because of all the promises God has KEPT for you in your life. We encourage you to continue to share your thoughts with us and to share this ministry with others so that we all can grow together!

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  1. Sisters,

    Wow, wow, wow .... todays message was just amazing. I have been going through some real struggles this past week. This reading of today has lifted me and given me such encouragement. I am ready to look the world in the eye. Ready to tackle the bull by the horns. Praise God that I have to stand back for no person. I am an overcomer through Christ Jesus. Thank you Lord for these precious souls who so diligently share your Words with us. May you always and in all things continue to be a blessings. My heart is filled with such love for your ministry.
    I am always blessed when I have read your messages

    God bless and keep you


    1. Jean,

      God is SO good!!! We thank Him every day for a renewed strength to get through the day. Today's message was just for us too...challenging us to realize satan is defeated! All we must do is trust in God, keep His commandments, and show Him to the world with our personalities! We thank Him that he has refurbished your strength and given you the ability to know you can tackle this bull called life today. You are right: YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER! You will succeed!

      Jean, we are always humbled by your sincere love for us and S.W.A.P. Ministries; because of women like you and the grace of God we continue to bring messages of hope, healing, and purpose! May He truly bless you greatly today and the days to come!


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