She's A Keeper: Keep Your Priority

Monday, January 09, 2012

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

How will I pay the bills? Will my marriage ever be happy? My bank account is empty, so what am I going to eat today? Is he the one for me? Will I ever be successful in my career? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we encounter the ugly situations in our lives.

Jeremiah 42:6 reminds us that “whether it is favorable or unfavorable, we should obey the Lord our God.” First things first. This is not about me. This is not about you. This is not about S.W.A.P. Ministries. This is about the Lord and Him manifesting Himself in your life in a supreme way.

God wants to be first. He wants you to desire Him. As you go through life, wandering and working through everyday, how many times does the Lord come to mind? Did you share the day’s experiences with Him before you fell asleep, or did you enter dreamland in mid prayer? Does He receive a mere thank you for waking you up each morning, yet there's no talking with Him throughout the rest of the day?

God wants you to seek (desire, long for, worship) Him first and foremost. When you wake up He wants you to acknowledge that it was by His hand and power that you're seeing this new day. He wants you to talk to him in the morning before others arise. He wants you to speak to Him in the morning traffic, not curse or yell at those around you.

You are God's number one priority everyday. You may be thinking, if I were His number one priority, then I would have all the things I want; or He would answer all the questions that I have in the center of my heart. But God shows Himself in the smallest of blessings that you experience. Keep God a priority because of who He is, not because of what you get from Him. He blesses you when you don't deserve it; He forgives you, when He knows you'll repeat the offense; He keeps you when you lose your mind and everything else. God has consistently kept you under His love and by His mercy, so why not KEEP Him preeminent in your life?

Honestly, is the Lord getting first priority? Is He given first place in your heart or in your household? Is He coming after the kids are taken care of? Does He have to wait until your spouse is satisfied? Is He being pushed out even further after you’ve gotten your career and yourself together? After everything the Father has done for you, doesn’t He deserve a bit of recognition? If gaining prestige, pleasing people, and acquiring possessions are your main focus in life, then you don't care much about the things of God. Matthew 6 is teaching you not to focus on what this life has to offer, but to seek God first above all else. BE A KEEPER! Keep Him. Keep Him First. Keep Your Priority.

God is a keeper of His promises and all He desires is that you seek Him. He knows that you have to live in this cruel world, but He doesn't want you to settle down and get comfortable here. There will be earthly distractions, yet instead of building great homes here on earth, your life should create indestructible bricks that are erecting your eternal home in glory with Him. The message of Matthew 6: Seeking the Lord is more important than being consumed by the world.

First things first. BE A KEEPER. Keep Your Priority by seeking God first. The rest will take care of itself.

Scriptures to Reflect on:

1 Chronicles 22:19a
Jeremiah 29:13
Colossians 3:1-2

Study questions:

1. Do you find it easier to focus on things of the world (i.e. prestige, possessions, people, etc.) than on God? In what ways?

2. What do you do when you realize that you haven’t put God first?

3. What steps do you need to take to “Keep Your Priority” and give God preeminence in your life?

Thank you:

For each of you that have taken this journey with us, we thank you and are praying for you. As you are becoming the woman God has created you to be, we pray for your strength and faith to increase! Feel free to share your comments on "Keep Your Priority" below. We'd love to hear from you! Also, share with others and encourage them to grow with us.

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  1. Praise the Lord sisters! This is so on time for me. Our 2012 theme for Sharpe Rd is "Committing Ourselves In 2012" so this is right on time in committing myself. How else can I commit unless I put God 1st? That's the only way to do things. When we put God 1st, we learn how to love, even our enemies, worship when we don't feel like it, sacrifice even we can't afford it. Bro. Greene preached on "We shall be Morphed indeed" and when we put God 1st, we have no choice but to be changed (morhped, molded, transformed) into what He wants and needs us to be. Sisters I thank u for this has been a blessing at Good!

  2. Amen Aundie!!! This is just confirmation that we are all on the same page! To even have Bro. Greene preach on something similar is all God! Isn't it great to know that putting God first makes everything else in life line up. We are so GLAD that this series touched and encouraged you, and thanks for sharing your thoughts! This is only the beginning....KEEP HIM FIRST!

  3. Thank you. Timing is everything. I just started a new job and because of money I have failed to give God my time. I am off on Sunday but because I am so tired I just spend that time resting. Not that you were trying to do this-but you have helped me recognize the error in my ways. I love God's word and your ministry.

    Showers of blessings


  4. God bless you was the word that pricked your heart to make a change ("For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.") and we are so glad that God could use this lesson to bless your life. We will be praying for you in getting your priorities back in order as you've started this new job. Don't let this be a setback in your walk with the Lord, let it build you up to do better things for Him. May God get the glory in all that you do. KEEP HIM FIRST! Be blessed Brenda!

  5. Thanks SWAP. I really needed this more than you know. I've been in a really terrible spiritual funk these past few months. To be honest, I haven't been putting God first...on purpose. It's sad but true. I even avoided reading this post until later the day after because I have felt like I'll never rid myself of the sin that I'm currently entangled in. Even though people say that "I'm going to make it through," in my heart I just don't know why I even started back at it in the first place. Thanks for helping me realize that even when I feel like God has abandoned me or could never forgive my mess, I should still make him more of a priority. As I'm sure you can tell, I need some fervent prayer on behalf of those who can get one up for me. Thanks.

  6. Kristel,

    God has a plan for you. He is taking you through some ups and downs so that you can share your testimony when you come out on the other side. We thank you for your honesty; if we think about it, we ALL have had those times when we deliberately (on purpose) choose not to give God first priority in our lives. Yet He constantly forgives His children...we should be ever so grateful.

    We are in prayer for you. You have our email if you want to share with us on a deeper level. Know that the words written were birthed out of experience and real life...meaning, You Are Not Alone. God has not abandoned you and whatever is wanting to keep you down can dismiss itself from your life in the name of Jesus! You have our fervent prayers. May God Bless you and KEEP HIM FIRST!


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