Midweek Push: Love With Obedience

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

“...We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

Do you remember the days when children said yes ma’am and no sir to adults? Those were the days!!! They weren’t saying it out of fear, but out of respect and love. That child may not have wanted to do what their parent asked (such as, “clean your room,” “say I’m sorry,” or “wash the dishes”) but he or she showed obedience in verbal response and physical action.

This is how it should be in our relationship with the Lord. He is our Father and He may be asking you to be obedient to Him. For instance, pray with a friend on the spot instead of telling her, “I’ll be praying for you,” “mention Jesus to the soul in the grocery store line,” or “host a bible study in your home.” God places things on our hearts that call for our obedience…have you been saying “maybe later,” “no sir,” or “yes sir” to the Lord?

This short exercise will help you Love with Obedience by saying Yes Sir to God:

Yield your plans to the Lord’s commands:

♥ God should always have priority, but sometimes our plans exclude what He really needs us to do. Ask Him where you can best be used to serve.

Erase your fears and proceed with prayer:

♥ Fear is just faith walking backwards. Turn it around and face each day with the Lord in your view.

Start easy to avoid getting wheezy:

♥ Take it one task at a time. Start small by grabbing the mail or taking out the trash for an elderly or sick neighbor. An exhausted child gets little work done.

Spend more time thanking instead of ranking:

♥ Praising God leaves little room for complaints. Position yourself to focus on what He wants rather than on seeing if you’re serving Him better than others.

Instant movement makes rapid improvement:

♥ No parent wants to wait for their child to “get around” to doing what they’re told. God is the same way. Don’t make Him wait; serve others ASAP.

Release the love from the Lord above:

♥ Don’t hold on to the good that God has placed inside of you. Freely give your love so that the world sees Christ through your obedience.

Some of us lose count of our good deeds; whereas others can count on one or two hands what we’ve done for the Lord. Though you may not always want to listen to your Father, like the child being told what to do by a parent; you must still exhibit your love by saying “Yes Sir” to the Lord. Obedience steps out of selfishness and into the Savior.

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  1. MJ,
    I truly enjoy reading all of the uplifting messages from you and Shanita's material through the Word. It is so inspiring and helpful. This one in particular I love. Keep up the good work!! God will continue to bless each of you in a very special way.

    Hope both of you are doing well.

    Keep it coming and all will be well.

    1. Thank you! You just don't know how encouraging it is to hear that from you! We will keep them coming as the Lord uses and blesses us! Thank you for your support....and just know We Love You so much! Praying for you too :)


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