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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” (John 12:43)

I heard a speech the other day and the orator was hitting and nailing all of his points one by one. I mean he nailed the introduction, which included a joke to break the tension in the room; he was even appealing and charming making him easy to listen to. So, he went on to explain his three points and concluded. You may be thinking “okay…big deal, I hear speeches all the time.”

Here’s the catch: after each joke, point, and anecdote, the speaker would pause before moving on. At first the crowd didn’t catch on, then suddenly after each pause they would erupt into claps, hoorays, and cheers; and the speaker would continue. He was waiting for the audience to clap before moving on and giving out more information.

Some of us are like this. We show off for the crowd, tell a joke here and there, we become charming and appealing in speech and dress and just as soon as people don’t respond to us, we stop our delivery.

How often do you find yourself waiting for that next handclap?

In this world we become addicted to attention, addicted to recognition, and addicted to waiting for people to congratulate, esteem, and thank us. We wait for the “go ahead” for not only the good that we’ve done, but we wait for people to notice us for the great things we’ve bought, the name brands we wear and so on. All the while, the only name we should be concerned about wearing is Christian (but that’s another story ☺).

I can honestly say there have been times when I gave an extravagant gift, fixed food for a loved one, or served in the community, that I waited to hear a “good job" or a “thank you.” If you’re honest, you may be in the same boat as me. However it is time to get out of that boat. When we won’t do something without the recognition or the handclap, then it becomes a problem.

According to John 12:43, some seek the praises of men over the praise of God. The Lord, however, blesses us every day without us even knowing. He doesn’t wait for us to pause and say thank you; if He waited on us to give Him a handclap before blessing us, we would all be in a world of hurt. Yet, because He loves us so much, He won’t wait for our handclap, He’ll just give us a hand; He won’t wait for our applause, He’ll just give us His all.

What a mighty God we serve! He nails His introduction every morning with new mercy, He gives you a reason to laugh whenever you look around at His goodness, and He gives you some points to ponder in order to grow you spiritually, physically, and relationally.

Let’s get out of the boat and seek to please God. Don’t stop short of blessing someone because you haven’t received the handclap, pat on the back, or the good job; share the gospel, share your love, share your gift just because! That’s what the Lord would do!

Melanie Joyce Johnson

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  1. I have to give you a THANK YOU on this message!! Love Peace & Blessings to you.

    1. Thank you so much Susan! Praying this PUSH helped you in some way as it did me! Very eye-opening.


  2. Melanie,
    Amen!! For this one, I give you a handclap!!!

    1. Thanks Yuntie!! I appreciate your continual support and always keeping up with S.W.A.P....it means more than you know :)

      Love you,

  3. Im late but I liked this one...gurl it would have tore me up had you added the importance of what hand clapping means it is a sound in the atmosphere for the Lord boasts and be joyful too...this really blessed me so true!

    1. That is so true Nedra, the handclaps should be for praising the Lord!!!! So glad that it blessed your life. It sure blessed mine!



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