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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:” (Hebrews 10:24) 


Provoking carries with it such a negative connotation. We can provoke people to get even, to feel shame, or to hurt other people. How many times have you heard, “I wouldn’t have done it, if they didn’t provoke me?” Maybe you are the one being provoked; maybe you are the one doing the provoking.

We’ve all been there:

• My spouse didn’t consult me first before another major decision…
• My children keep yelling and calling my name loudly in the grocery store…
• These bill collectors keep harassing me on my days off…
• That car just cut me off and nobody’s even behind me…
• My co-workers are not carrying their weight…

If they wouldn’t have done that, then you wouldn’t have done what you did, right?

The word provoke, deals with getting someone roused up angrily, or prompting him or her to do good. Are you provoking others to love or hate their neighbor? Are you stirring up good works or stirring up trouble?

The Hebrew writer was imploring with believers to provoke one another to love and good works. When we provoke someone, it shouldn’t be talking smack to stir up someone’s anger. It should be speaking love to encourage others to love. Even if that person does us wrong, we must find a way to provoke them to do good things instead. The excitement we feel in our love and good works should trickle down so that others are impelled to do the same.

Provoke Goodness—by being a woman of your word who stands on God’s word
Provoke Goodness—by serving others not for show, but so God can glow
Provoke Goodness—by speaking without motive or ill will towards others

When you wake up and go out in to the world, consider one another. What you do may cause someone to either turn to God or turn away from Him. What you say may damper a spirit or enliven it to achieve great things for the cause of Christ. Consider what you do. Provoke goodness by fulfilling God’s purpose for your life with love and good works!

Ask yourself: How can I provoke goodness in someone’s life today? Now, go do just that!

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  1. I will try to do just that my love! It's sometimes a hard task but
    someone has to start; so many people are set in their own ways and it's hard to get them motivated to do good and NOT PROVOKE
    BAD! Working hard to provoke good!

    1. You are right about that mom!! All we can do is our part and sometimes we have to let others find their way! Tough love is still love, but it brings about valuable lessons!

      Love you and thank you for the support ALWAYS!!!!


  2. I love this post. Provoking goodness...what a challenge. It is so easy to let our situations determine our responses instead of provoking goodness no matter what happens. THank you for reminding me to do that!


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