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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You gave abundant showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance.”
(Psalm 68:9, NIV)


Sweet spot = a place of comfort, peace, and refreshing

When you get stressed or overwhelmed what do you do? Do you give up, cry out, or fall down? Do you exercise, watch television, sing, or write?

All throughout the gospels many crowds surrounded Jesus. He had many an opportunity to become stressed and overwhelmed, but instead of giving up, He accomplished the work; and in the midst of ministry you can find Him often retreating to be alone to rest from His labors.

Jesus had a sweet spot!

Never did Jesus in all His years of healing others neglect to find reprieve from the masses to heal Himself. He always located a sweet spot in the mountains or in a garden to experience calm, to get assurance, and to spend sweet quality time with the Father. We should take a lesson from our Lord.

What’s your sweet spot?

There may be weeks where you find you’ve worked your fingers to the bone, and you have to make yourself retreat to a sweet spot of renewal and rejuvenation. This spot does not have to be a physical place, because life does not always afford you the opportunity to pick up and go to a place of relief. We want to challenge you to find the sweet spot in your mind that will stimulate feelings of comfort, peace, and refreshing. Remember, you’re not relinquishing yourself from duty, it’s just a sweet break with the Savior.

Use your imagination…what does your sweet spot look like? What sounds do you hear? Are you alone or surrounded by loved ones? Do you pray, sing, draw, or just close your eyes and sigh? Create your spot.

God refreshes us when we become weary. His Spirit comforts us all throughout the day, and Jesus’ example urges us on towards replenishment. Find your sweet spot today and indulge!

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  1. I often do not retreat as I should and find myself on the go, go, go; but I am encouraged to follow the example of Jesus and find my inner & outer sweet spot!


  2. My sweet spot when at night all by myself, no one to disturb me. I have time to reflect.

  3. I'm like you Veronica Hutchinson, my sweet spot usually comes when it's late at night...it's so quiet and peaceful and I can just listen to the Lord and reflect on the day. However, one thing I know though is, I have to "make" myself get still because my mind is always going nonstop...always thinking about the next thing to do or what I should be doing. I'll be intentionally going to my sweet spot a little more now!


  4. My sweet spot is getting up early, open the windows and read my bible while listening to the birds sing. It is so peaceful. GOD made some beautiful birds and they have so many different languages!!!! GOD is so Awesome :)

  5. My sweet spot comes through meditation and singing( even though I can hold a tune), but I'm singing for the Lord. Through meditation i'm able to reflect on what God has done for me. Through singing I'm able to give the Lord such praise. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night to read a scripture and pray. This give me a chance to grow closer to my God. I love my God for giving me several chances to get myself together. I love my God. Thank you ladies for my mid week push...

  6. Boy...He must be trying so Hard to tell me this...but I must not have been quiet enough to Hear... I was told the same thing by my Dr yesterday to take time for myself, I cannot hold it all up myself. Sometimes you don't even realize what you are doing it (life) gets so crazy... I have been crying out to Him, but have not been able to let peace in... (my BP has been over the top...) too much going on. Freaking out inside... I pray I find my peace again...

    Thank you ladies...God bless...

    1. We are praying that you remain strong and that you find a peaceful time to relax your mind and body so that your BP can go down. God wants His children healthy and seeking and crying out to Him. If there is something we can be specifically praying for you on, please let us know! It is hard sometimes to slow down and take time for ourselves, but even if you don't have a long expanse of time, you do have a moment to sit, sigh, and meditate on our Master. We love you and want to see you in great health from here on out! Thank you for sharing with us Laura...keep up posted the deepening of your relationship with God!

  7. Thank you so much for SWEET SPOT!!..It was right on time. I was having feelings that I am being selfish, but OVER IT!!..Thanks S.W.A.P for empowering and inspiring..Huggsss! All of your work is great. Looking forward to book. I just had to say something about SWEET SPOT=)

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Daniels for those kind words and also for sharing your thoughts on SWEET SPOT!!! So glad to hear you're over those selfish feelings...so thankful for a God that changes us!


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