Midweek Push: God is Enough

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hey Friends!

We would like to introduce to you, our friend and sister in Christ, Jessica Tolliver. She was raised in North Carolina and currently lives in Greensboro. Jessica taught elementary school for five years and writes poetry to express her feelings in a nontraditional way. She is a young Christian, single woman in a transitional stage of life right now. She asks for prayer as she continually finds her purpose in God.

She will open up our God is Enough theme for our Midweek Push's this July with an original poem!



Jesus, be my fence in this field of uncertainty, protect me against my own wanton defiancy
The Devil is a wolf who has stalked me to devour, I feel this is my last hour
If I stay in his sight
The lure of that life is so bright it might consume me, doom me to a place where I have everything and feel nothing
Ask for love but feel loathing for myself and all that contains me, everyone silently blames me for my mistakes
And I just want to break free of my wrongs and listen to the song of comfort only You provide.
I am tired Lord, weary from my tears and broken from my transgressions…haven’t I learned enough lessons?
I was taught that I was bought with a price, but that fee was more to me than I’m worth – I want to repeat my birth and start over again,
to erase my sins and mend the cracked road that leads me to Your heart.
Rescue me. I am blind without Your light, dropped in a black hole from which my soul cannot fly
And nothing can save me like You. I see that everything I used to repair myself didn’t take care of the real issue
Jesus please frame me in a portrait of your steadfastness so that I may be a work of art in Your omniscient eye
I yearn to lie in your sweet rest and be caressed in the truth that You are enough.
Savior I need you.
I want you to feed me and bleed me of this devil infection that’s killing my soul.
Make me whole again, or maybe for the first time since I was drenched in your blessing
I’ve spent too long guessing why you chose to die for me, gave your blood to set me free, sacrificed your Son so gladly, filled my vessel that was but empty.

The world pretends to give me riches and a fleeting joy
It tossed me and passed me around like a child’s toy

I am tired of being broken and split apart to be shared, leaving only my tears and heartache to be spared
But I’m scared to believe that you are enough when all my satisfaction is the things of which I’m ashamed, yes  - those things not to be named
The Seducer ran a game on me that I only thought I won and when I was done he threw me away
If I choose this day whom I will serve, please don’t give me what I deserve
Your mercy makes me thirsty for more of your love and like Noah I’m sending out a dove
To find the place where YOU reside, the space where I can hide, Your peace can abide and Your face will ride all my suffering on the sea of forgetfulness
Your waves of solace fill my soul and I drown in your power to save me.
For once I’m not afraid because I see the old me dying…crying out to lean on the everlasting arm of the one who can protect me from the Wicked One’s harm
and with contempt and alarm I point the blame where it should be – with me.
I was the one that didn’t believe Your promise to never leave me, never forsake me
Make me new, take my true self and mold me to your will
Your reflection will still my fears
Your direction will kill my doubt
You, God, are the sweetest confection that my heart has ever tasted.
You are more than sufficient and until I see You face to face I need Your grace to shroud me in thankfulness so all that can be seen is Your amazing beauty.
I’m wonderful in You and that is finally enough.

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  1. Jessica, your Testimony of how God is Enough touched my life! Thank you for sharing and being a light to so many! ♥


  2. Jessica TolliverJuly 4, 2012 at 3:10 PM

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity! You and Mel are continual examples of how God can use you when you surrender to the wonderful Holy Spirit. Your friendship is blessing me!

  3. Jessica that was great! We find ourselves thinking that we go through situations alone and there's noone else that understands.. Lord thank you for this message on today! Jessica God aloud you to tell me just what to do. :) God is good.

  4. Thank you Jessica!!!! From one poet to another, I give you two snaps up, a twist, and a kiss! I loved the line, "Your waves of solace fill my soul and I drown in your power to save me." That was awesome my sister, thank you for your honesty, openness, and soul. God Bless you for sharing this gift with the world. Love you ♥


  5. I read your poem! It's beautiful!

  6. Hello sister's in Christ and welcome Jessica..

    Thank you for the mid week push poem.. I can not even begin to explain what is was doing to me as I was reading this poem to our Lord.. it brought more than tears to my eyes as well as feeling the sprit of the Lord filling me with his joy and love.. his presents is ever so strong with me and in me and I always need that from our master...

  7. Jessica this poem has a very powerful message. This poem moved me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom and motivating me..

  8. My niece is sooooo talented! This line clinched at my very soul!

    "For once I’m not afraid because I see the old me dying…crying out to lean on the everlasting arm of the one who can protect me from the Wicked One’s harm
    and with contempt and alarm I point the blame where it should be – with me.
    I was the one that didn’t believe Your promise to never leave me, never forsake me"


    1. Such a powerful poem!!! Your niece is VERY VERY talented! What a gift!

  9. You're amazing Jessica!

  10. Love this, going to share with my son.

  11. Ah Jess I felt every word you wrote. I feel very blessed to have you in my life. You have brought sooo much love and strength into our lives. You have no idea how special you are. Beautiful Love you

  12. This poem was beautiful, I love it

  13. That, Jess, is proof that you should be writing for a living.... You are truly gifted.... as we already knew! Love you, girl!

  14. I am sending this to my son who has been jailed for theft. He is a heroin addict. If you read this, please include him in your prayers. God has been so good to me in the past weeks. I have finnaly detached with love from my son. This prayer says it all. Thanks for posting.

    1. ‎J. Deupree, please pass it on to your son! We are sure Jessica Tolliver, would not mind at all. We will be praying for your son and his recovery. We believe that the power of God can deliver your son from this addiction if he desires to be delivered. Let's continue praying for his release of this negative stronghold. We also will be praying with you Jayne. We know it's tough, but remember God is the epitome of love. Continue to be led by the Holy Spirit as you make the best decisions to interact with your son.

    2. Thanks so very much for your love and support. I know there is victory in Jesus!


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