The .Com Diet (Part 4)

Monday, July 23, 2012

For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power.” (Colossians 2:9-10)


Over the last three weeks we have discussed Waiting, Walking, and Worshipping. We learned how it is necessary to wait for the guidance of the Spirit, how to walk and be led by the Spirit, and also how to worship God in the Spirit. Wow! In each of these lessons we found that the Spirit of God should not be taken for granted and that He is necessary to our complete wholeness in Christ.

By daily incorporating all three “W’s,” we realize why this was called a diet. We must daily cleanse self of impatience—waiting; we must daily purge self of complacency—walking; and we must daily develop an authentic relationship with our Lord; not just on Sunday, but everyday—worship.

There you have it, the diet!!! Today’s message is intended to help you live a life of COMplete wholeness in Christ.

Are you full yet? If not, then you may want to chew on and digest this word and our Lord a little more! To gain complete wholeness, we need God; not some of Him, when we get hungry, but all of Him, all of the time. We should never be ashamed to hunger after God (Jeremiah 29:13, Psalm 34:8, Matthew 5:6).

Beyond every fear, through every mountain, and around every hurt is Jesus. Jesus is full of all God, all Spirit, and all himself. He is complete and He makes us complete. There is nothing lacking in Jesus, because He is totally divine and totally capable of filling the weary soul.

Have you ever felt incomplete? Have you ever felt empty, like you’ve given your all, but see no results? Are you searching for answers to no avail? There is a remedy.

Wholeness is defined as, everything in one piece, no disjointed parts, not divided, not lacking, and containing all components. There are times in life when we feel disjointed, broken apart, in pieces, and empty; however when we understand that God is complete, and that He is truly sufficient in our insufficiency, we have everything we need.

COMplete wholeness can be found in Christ and in living in a way that makes God proud.

COMplete wholeness deals with your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is the way you live, when no one is watching. It’s what drives you when you feel like you’re out of fuel. It motivates you when everyone else hates you. Your lifestyle is the daily routine you get into to serve God. How are you living?

COMplete wholeness in Christ doesn’t mean perfection it means maturity. Mature enough to confess your faults, mature enough to say I can’t do this, but God CAN through me; and mature enough to admit you don’t have all the answers but serve a Master who does.

But you can’t get wholeness outside of Christ; you must be IN Christ to be complete. The scripture says that in Christ dwells all the fulness of the Godhead, and that in Him, we are complete; which further denotes we can have the complete indwelling of God in us! Get in Him (Galatians 3:26)!

Why should we feel incomplete, when our Father owns it all? Why should we feel empty when our Lord is full of love, grace, peace, and vigor? If you ask Him to fill you, and believe that He will, you shall receive just that (Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24).

Have you been waiting for this moment with God? Are you ready to walk towards God? Are you ready to worship God genuinely and be fully committed to Him today?

This scripture goes on to say that Christ is the head of all principality and power, meaning in Jesus you can defeat any worry, any stronghold, any filthy thought or lonesome plea that erects it’s head in your life. Christ’s power and principality (rule) surpasses that of the enemy’s (Ephesians 6:12) who is trying to destroy you.

Say this aloud: I have power in Christ! Now, repeat that and mean it this time! You have the power to move, the power to be COMplete, and the power to be filled continually with His Spirit that will never lead you astray. He is so ready to comfort and soothe you. Take a step towards Christ, and let Him COMplete you.

Don’t wait another second and feel alone, come to Him and be whole!

Questions to consider:

1. Do you want to be made whole? Why?
2. What has caused you to feel incomplete?
3. What things misleadingly fill you up, but leave you feeling empty?
4. What steps will you take to become COMplete in Christ?

* We want to thank you all for joining us for the .Com Diet, a plan to Complete Wholeness in Christ. As we walk through this journey, feel free to share your thoughts here on the blog or connect with us via our Facebook page. We would love to learn more about you so that we may all grow together in the Lord! *

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  1. This is something most people of the world and of Christ suffer with; it takes so much to surrender all. Allowing Christ to be the architect and landscaper of my life has been wonderful. Yeah I get some weeds growing and a few misplaced bricks. Thanks S.W.A.P for assisting so many daughters, sisters, mothers, wives and widows.

    1. Amen Ingrid! Don't we all have some weeds that we need the Lord to mow down! We are so thankful that this message touched you and other ladies alike and that He has given us THIS avenue to share and to grow. When we realize that God is all we need, we will finally be complete! We love you!


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