Freedom Friday

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, like a bird from the snare of the fowler." (Proverbs 6:5, NIV)


Do you remember Field Day growing up? At the end of the school year all the grade levels would get together, with their identical t-shirts and compete in their own local Olympic games. There would be competitions like jump rope, hula-hoop, basketball, 3-legged race, and the 100-yard dash. Then there was tug of war. During tug of war, each side would put all of their might into pulling a rope to their side so that they wouldn't be pulled across the white line by the opponents. If we weren't successful, we would find ourselves flat on our faces in shame.

Today, in our adult Olympic games—our Christian walks—we can find ourselves in a tug of war with satan. We're all wearing our identical crosses on our chests to identify us as the Lord's elect. We're trying to 3-legged run our race together, but the devil wants to subject us to a game of tug of war. Satan's motive is to pull God's children over to his side. He wants you and he is going to use the things you love to tempt you and get you across that line.

You may find that you're struggling with gossip, struggling with lust and pornography, struggling with being disobedient, struggling with trying to be beautiful according to the world's standards, or struggling with finances. It seems like the devil just keeps pulling you over to his side. It looks like you may never get your head above water. It's beginning to look dark, dreary, and lonesome and you keep skinning your knees holding onto this rope of shame for dear life.

Satan will never stop pulling until he gets you. So either you succumb to his delicacies or submit to the Divine. The only way that you will ever win the tug of war against satan is for you to let go of the rope.

The enemy can't take you down, he can't break you down, and he can't weigh you down if you let go. You can be free from all that junk that has been holding you down. You can be free from the burdens that have been pulling you down. You can be free from the uncertainty that has had you bound. Just let go.

It's Freedom Friday. The enemy is going to try to take you out today. That serpent with his evil spirit and bad breath of gossip and trouble is going to try and bring you down with his negativity. So you have to free yourself by letting go of the rope. Release yourself from the naysayers who have tried to calculate your worth. Whatever is pulling at you…Drop it. Whatever is bringing you down…Drop it. Whatever is making you doubt who God has created you to be…Drop it. Today.

What do you need to free yourself of today?

* We are so thrilled that you joined us for today's Freedom Friday message! If you want to learn more about being free from satan's grips, consider ordering your personal copy of our devotional book, "It's Over: Finding Freedom by Breaking Negative Strongholds." We guarantee that this journey will change your life for good! Thank you for swapping with us as we continue to grow together! *

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  1. Very valuable message for me today. Thank you my sisters!

    1. You're so welcome Jessica! It's time to get and stay free. You know it had to hit us first, so we're glad you could benefit and grow from the lesson too!

  2. I'm so thankful for freedom friday. This is a powerful lesson. I've struggled with a lot and I'm letting go so I can be free...Its this book...

    1. Debra Gilliam, we are so thankful that you are enjoying this current addition! We are elated at how God brought Freedom Friday to us so we can share with each of you! We have been lifting you up since you started your 9-week devotional journey!! We pray that as you continue to break negative strongholds you will HOLD On to God like never before!! Amen!


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