Testimony Tuesday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” (Proverbs 18:10)


We (Shanita and Melanie) decided that we would share two of our testimonies with you all surrounding God’s protection. These are two different testimonies, however, we are testifying about one Mighty God who protected us both! We hope that you are encouraged and we pray that you’ll join us in sharing your testimony of protection!

I’ll never forget July 10, 2001 as I hugged my mom, my sister, my dad, and my Sunday school teacher very tightly before walking into the doors of the United States Army. A young 18 year old signing my life over to support and defend my country and honestly I had no clue what that really meant. I was shaking, but ready to embark upon a new venture in my life. It would be just two months later that the devastating tragedy of September 11, 2001 would change everything for me as a soldier and for our entire country.

So one year after enlisting into the Army, I was shipped off to serve in Afghanistan. Can you say, I Shanita Jones, was indeed scared?

But what was I afraid of? I’d been active in bible classes, church activities, youth trips, and bible bowls. I always gathered with the church on Sundays and Wednesdays and any other time my mom would put me on the church van. But that just didn’t seem like enough to make me feel covered and protected.

Truthfully, I was afraid of never seeing my family again, never being able to play basketball with my friends, never being able to sing in the church choir…I was afraid of dying! Yeah, I said it, this Christian young lady was afraid of dying, BUT GOD!

Have you ever been there?

God stepped in and assured me that all would be okay. God sent me to the safest place in Afghanistan, He surrounded me with followers of Christ, and He shielded and protected me in a war zone! I was indeed in war, but my God proved He'd already gotten the victory. I’m a living witness that God will be a strong tower in times of doubt, times of wavering faith, times of fear, and HE WILL KEEP YOU SAFE!!! I’m thankful to have come back from Afghanistan, not only, without a scratch, but with a soul that was anchored deeper in the Lord!

What’s your testimony of protection?

God’s protection comes in many forms. There are physical storms that He protects from such as failing health or memory loss; there are natural storms like tornadoes and hurricanes; and then there are the spiritual storms, those fights against the flesh and battles against spiritual wickedness in high places.

God protected me from a spiritual storm. My eyes were not only open to His power, but also to the intelligent leading and power of the Holy Spirit that I had neglected and overlooked for years.

God protected me from trouble that I willfully engaged in, yet had no clue was about to crumble around me and tarnish my name. For three years I served, yet God’s Spirit within me, was tired, muffled, and grieved because I wouldn’t move the way He desired for me to. I stayed and served, but my healthy spirit declined. I learned and led souls to Christ, but my spirit was left behind. I felt my worship was real, but my spirit wasn’t thrilled.

It wasn’t that I did not grow in that span of three years; but God didn’t want to keep me there and made sure that the pride and greed that surrounded me would not be what I would be remembered for.

Those, whom I once called family, turned on and persecuted me. Those, whom I once trusted in, could not be trusted any longer and on an early Sunday morning, the Spirit led me away from that fellowship and to another safer spiritual place where I serve joyfully. I must admit, for three years, I fought against God. Yes, Melanie Joyce Johnson fought against God. I thought my way was right and the connections I had made would take me higher and get my name out there.

But that was not how God intended to use me nor expand my territory, so He moved me. Although, I was disobedient and wanting to go my own way, God’s grace was definitely apparent and He kept my reputation clean and as I repented of the wrongs I engaged in, He forgave me and gave me another chance.

I can now say, my spirit is more at ease and I am listening and more sensitive when my spirit is grieved…I’m not perfect, those that I serve with are not perfect, but I’m daily trying to stay close to the one who is! God! I praise Him for His protection.

Have you ever experienced God’s protection from a spiritual storm? Share your testimony of protection.

Let's swap!

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  1. Testimony Tuesday.....
    Two years (2010) I moved here to Athens Al, and it was rough....From the crying and praying alot had been turn around for me..

    1. Amen! Thank you for sharing how God has kept you through these past two rough years! He heard every prayer and dried every tear, to bring you to where you are today! What a mighty God we serve...He is good.

  2. When I feel his presence, I feel safe. Oh yes Lord... Amen!!!

    1. Veronica, God's presence is indeed a place of safety! Amen! (Proverbs 18:10)

  3. Ladies your testimonies are so inspiring...I've had my battles I had to endure. I also had my battles with spiritual warfare, that I had to go through, to get where I'm at today. I thank God for delivering me. @Melanie your testimony sound similar to mine. For a long time I ran from God, because I wanted to do things my way. But I praise God for wrapping his arms around me, and showing me his way. All I can say is BUT GOD...

    1. Thank you so much Debra! We felt compelled to share our testimonies of God's goodness and His protection and we've been talking about this all day; how God is shielding us from so much. We are so indebted to Him. I (Melanie) am glad that you could find a similar point in your life that compared to mine and that you like myself are allowing God to continue to show you His way instead of going your own! It makes a world of a difference. Thank you always for sharing your love!


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