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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do not be overly righteous, nor be overly wise: why should you destroy yourself?” 
(Ecclesiastes 7:16, NKJV)


The famous painter, Salvador Dali said, “Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it.” Perfection is a state of mind that many of us grasp for unconsciously and other times deliberately. We desire to present ourselves in a way that shows the world, that we have it all together. We want to show people that I’m ok, I can be trusted, and I have value.

But the means, by which, we try to show our worth and completeness, can perhaps be borderline neurotic and spiritually Pharisaical. We become obsessively perfect in dress, we make sure that our speech is impeccable; we are infatuated with precision. We think we’re grasping for excellence, but rather we’re striving for perfection that will never be attained.

What has happened is satan has created a negative stronghold in your mind that has you possessed with flawlessness. Trusting in your own abilities has left you stuck-up and excessively over pious and astute. You crave control in a certain area of your life because you realize you have no control over anything. But inside, something is lacking in you.

Is your heart broken? Have you been told you wouldn’t be good enough or accepted? Who told you that you were inferior, worthless, or unskilled? Why do you treat others the ways you secretly feel inside…you know, like they’re inadequate, impure, incomplete, and dumb? If you’re honest [and we’re being honest here too] you may notice that you mistreat people because you’ve been mistreated and never received an example of kindness. You exalt yourself, because you were once stepped on and fear it will happen again if you don’t applaud or promote yourself first. This is called a spiritual inferiority complex.

Pain drives perfection. 

You are not defective; you are divine. You are not inadequate; you are incorruptible. You are not deficient; you are delivered. You are not worthless; you are whole! It’s okay to be flawed, because you are FORGIVEN!

When you realize that you are not perfect, and start striving for spiritual maturity you put humility back into its appropriate place in your life. Perfection is attaining to a level that you will never achieve. Spiritual maturity is striving to be complete in Christ.

Our human efforts to be without spot, wrinkle, or sin will always fall short of the glory of God. There is only one perfect One…and His name is Jesus. Others won’t like you just because you do everything perfectly. You gain respect because people like to hang around those that our fallible and flexible just like they are. Trusting yourself may leave you empty-handed, but trusting the Spirit fills your soul.

It’s okay to be flawed; your Father has forgiven you.

Scriptures to Reflect on:

Ecclesiastes 7:20
Colossians 2:10
1 Peter 1:15-16

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  1. Good morning,

    What a powerful message. I must be honest and say that I have been guilty of reacting towards others in this way. I don't do it intentionally. I am grateful for recieving this word today. I need to think before I speak or react. I may have hurt some people and not even been aware of it. I ask that Father God will forgive me and will give me a discerning spirit so that I may be aware at all times of how I treat others.

    Thank you for sharing this word with me.

    1. Amen Jean,

      We saw ourselves in this lesson as well and the Holy Spirit directed us to speak the truth. We treat others so bad sometimes, because there could possibly be something within us that we haven't addressed yet. It's hard dealing with what's inside when what's on the outside is always visible. We're praying with you that you continue to remember that God has forgiven you, so it's okay to be flawed!

      Many rich blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for this message....God knew it was just what I needed to hear. Please pray for me because even though I know it is the truth...I will need God to help me ''Push'' thru. Thank you and God bless your ministry.

    1. Susan, we are definitely praying with and for you because it is tough dealing with some of the issues we have inside that relate to perfectionism. BUT GOD! It is so great to know that He is a forgiving God, no matter how flawed we are! May you be encouraged today and swap a word of hope with another who needs it as well!


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