From Hurt to Healing (Part 1)

Monday, November 05, 2012

Behold My hands and my feet, that it is I Myself. Handle me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have.” (Luke 24:39)


Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito or an ant; stubbed your baby toe in the middle of the night; or bumped your funny bone? Those things hurt, but they also bring awareness to being more careful, such as buying bug repellent, turning on the lights when you walk through the house at night, or wearing closed-toe shoes in the grass. No one wants to feel that pain ever again! We can all agree that we’ve experienced some form of surface hurt in our lives!

Surface Hurts are usually seen by others and heard when you cry out. But, there’s a deeper hurt that we cover up; and we never receive the help we need because we won’t cry out.

Emotional Scars 

Everyone has a hidden wound, an emotional scar from the past or present that has hurt us in some serious way. Emotional scars may take longer to heal than physical ones. Someone who’s served in the Afghanistan War may have physical scars that heal quickly, yet it may take years to get over any emotional scars.

Emotional wounds are masked as memories that continue to live on in our daily lives, they become apart of us, and we accept them, regardless of how painful they are.

The hurt of being physically sick and not knowing how to cope with the illness, the hurts from spiritual/physical abuse, alcoholic parents or spouses, molestation, divorce, abortion, rape, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, abandonment, or taking on someone else’s hurts (i.e., your child got pregnant, committed a crime, or was wrongfully accused), loss of loved one, loss of a job, and despite the popular cliché, words hurt too!

Emotional scars affect how you respond to people, God, and yourself. You keep them quiet. They are personal and painful to you, and only shared with a few people, if any at all.

Emotional scars come from family members, co-workers, boyfriends, friends, siblings, church members, and self. You suffer emotional scars because you have opened yourself up and have become vulnerable to hurt.

Emotional scars hurt YOU! They delay who God is molding you to be. Although you try to hide them, they’re still hurting you inside.

Reliving and Rehearsing Hurts

We relive hurts every time we hear someone’s story, see a movie, or even when in our very own places of worship. Pushing a hurt aside doesn’t get rid of it. It only makes it worse, because it's still living inside of you. We can try all we want to camouflage our wounds, but eventually they will be spotted in our lives! Hurts come out in the way we talk, behave, and interact with others. People will notice, why is she so negative, why won’t she participate, why does she talk to her husband like that?

We treat our new spouses critically because we haven’t let go of the hurt from our first divorce, we treat our step-children poorly because we can’t bear our husband any children, we have no mercy on preachers because we haven’t gotten over the molestation from the childhood preacher growing up, and the list goes on!

When you rehearse hurts, you irritate your wounds! It’s like constantly taking a Band-Aid off of a sore; checking it, touching it, messing with it. Then it leaves a scar and becomes infected because you picked at it versus addressing it. Is rehearsing hurts helping or hindering your healing process?

Reveal Wounds

Just like with identifying negative strongholds, you must expose and reveal those hurts in your life! Have you HONESTLY revealed that you are hurting? The first step to take you from hurt to healing is revealing your wounds.

God can’t heal what we don’t reveal.

In Psalm 39:2, the psalmist compares holding on to your hurts like carrying hot coals in your heart. Do you feel like you keep getting burned, but don’t know why? It may be a festering wound growing deep inside. Have you looked within and acknowledged your need for God’s help?

Until you reveal, He can’t heal

Before Jesus suffered on the cross, He cried out, Lord let this cup pass from me! God knew what His Son would suffer before the cross, and He already knows what you’re suffering from, but you still have to reveal how you really feel inside!

In Luke 24:39, Jesus didn’t return and tell his apostles who He was by “word” only. Jesus revealed His wounds! When Jesus revealed, the doubts of the apostles ceased.

Imagine your life if you revealed what troubled you from day to day! Instead of stubbornly holding onto hurts, thinking “they will pass,” or “I can fix it myself,” reveal your wounds so all your doubts and fears can dissipate.

Reveal your emotional battles. Reveal the inner pain that hinders your relationships, your growth, and your worth. Reveal that you’re hurting inside.

The steps from Hurt to Healing begin with you REVEALING YOUR WOUNDS! Don’t try to call out others, get yourself together first! You must be honest with you and reveal that you don’t have it all together! God already knows, so be vulnerable and open up. It’s been said when you begin revealing your hurts, it breaks the hurt in half. Half your wounds, by revealing them and soon you'll be on your way to healing!

Lesson Reflection:

1) First step, acknowledge that you are hurt, are carrying a hurt, or concealing a scar. This week, as you notice any hurts that you’re holding on to: write them down. Perhaps invest in a journal.

2) Pray to God like you’ve never prayed before! Keep your heart open and your mind clear! Pray for each wound specifically that God would give you the strength to be healed from that hurt! When you pray, mentally, begin to place your hurts in God's hands.

3) Find scriptures that pertain to your wounds! Study and apply those scriptures to help you during this week and entire healing process!

Thank you:

For each of you that has taken this journey with us, we thank you and are praying for you. We’re praying for your strength and faith to increase as you dig deep into your heart to get to a place of healing in your life! Feel free to share your comments on "Reveal Wounds" below. We'd love to hear from you! Also, share with others and encourage them to grow with us.

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  1. This actually came after I received my healing. And you are right. For 50 years I've walked around with wounds that sometimes were bandaged so I thought I was healed. But really they just got hidden deeper & deeper until I couldn't recognize myself anymore. The bitterness and unforgiveness I felt was destroying me. Someone said to me that God must have taken His hands off that area of my life. I was angry that my life, my walk wasn't bringing God glory as was my heart's desire but instead had caused someone to doubt His goodness. It was during worship, that He spoke to me. I hadn't really SURRENDERED any of it to Him. I just stuffed it, and didn't talk about , not even the one I needed to forgive.and then He told me to go talk to that person. And that was what I did. His peace, love, forgiveness surrounded us both, and we both received healing.

    1. Wow, thank you for sharing...that peace you mention reminds us of Philippians 4:6-7! God is so good and when we start giving Him those things that we've stuffed into the back of our lives, He begins to heal. His mercy becomes visible and tangible! You said something when you mentioned, "SURRENDERED." God knows that when we take matters out of our hands and submit them to His then forgiveness, healing, and freedom abound. Thank you again for sharing, your words are an encouragement!

  2. This is what I to put it into action. Thank You!!

    1. Praise God that the message helped you in some way Sheene'! We are praying that you will be able to apply the spiritual concepts! Continue to tune in for the next 3 weeks as we study more and grow together!

  3. Being a single mom of three at different times in my life has been very hard. Especially because you give so much to the relationship and for them to think they can put you or your children through some kind of abuse. Well I am happy to say that after trying many things, I walked away and walked into the arms of my Lord Jesus Christ :) Times are tough and satan tries to creep in...but in the name of Jesus I rebuke satan and ask GOD who all power to put him in his place. All said, I love to be a part of this beautiful page and ask for your prayer in time of need.

    1. Thank you for swapping with us Veronica Romero and reminding us to rebuke satan who tries to keep us bound in our hurts. Through your struggle you found peace and God has given you a testimony! Stay wrapped up in the arms of Jesus, satan is not welcome there. Our Father is such a loving Lord who is always with us and who has sent His Spirit as a comforter. We enjoy talking to you through SWAP and are thankful that you are here with us!


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