From Hurt to Healing (Part 2)

Monday, November 12, 2012

"And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem." (Luke 24:47)


Are you caught up in a wrong situation? Have you wronged someone and now you’re living with the guilt and shame? Has someone wronged you and you can’t seem to get over it? In this lesson we will be dealing with releasing the many wrongs in our lives.

The things we discuss may not make you jump up and shout hallelujah, (unless that’s just your thing) but they will open your eyes and mind to the things that God doesn’t like. Wrongdoing, (whether to yourself or others) is offensive to God and needs to be released before you are healed. Below we share three reasons to Release Wrongs.

#1 reason to Release Wrongs: God can’t forget something that He hasn’t forgiven.

Are you avoiding releasing some wrongs in your life? Do you even realize wrongdoings in your life? Not just wrongs done to you, but wrongs that you have chosen to engage in? Is the comfort of wrongs stronger than the promise of God’s leading?

This comfort of disobedience is the ease of engaging in sin so much, that you don’t realize you’re doing it, can’t see its negative effects, and call others wrong for not engaging in the wrong behavior with you. Some wrongs become so comfortable that we live in and with them forever, never seeking God's forgiveness; therefore they stay at the forefront of God's mind. If you want the Father to forget the wrong, it's time to ask forgiveness.

So many times, we allow what has happened to us mold how we respond to things today. That sister might have stepped on your foot years ago, but you won’t talk to or forgive her today because you think she did it on purpose. Why are we like that?

There's a wrong that God hasn’t forgotten, because you’re still clinging to it! He wants to forgive you, but you're still holding on to something. What do you need to release?

Wrongs committed against us: Child abuse (emotional, physical, verbal), neglect, molestation, Domestic Violence (from husbands/boyfriends/other women), Spiritual Domestic Violence (from church leaders), being lied on, manipulated, persecuted, deceived, accused, judged, raped, etc.

Wrongs we commit: Holding grudges, lashing out, lying, cheating, stealing time (from work or God), abusing our children/spouses, reveling, thinking evil about people yet smiling in their faces, harboring resentment, bringing up other’s pasts or reliving and rehearsing our own, forsaking the assembly for things that could wait, laziness, unforgiveness, not teaching or evangelizing, judging, harboring assumptions that turn into avoidance (“I think you don’t like me, so now I don’t like you and won’t hang around you”), doubt, living with regret, shacking up, envying other’s blessings, pride, denying our sins, pleasing man rather than God, worrying about things we can’t control, etc.

Regardless of the wrong, it must be released. You cannot have a healthy relationship with God and hold on to wrong at the same time. If God couldn't even lay His eyes on His Son who was beaten, lied on and murdered for us, how can we even begin to think He would have fellowship with our works of darkness?

#2 reason to Release Wrongs: Without repentance there can be no remission.

Luke 24:47 addresses repentance which means, a sorrowing over and forsaking of sin. It is not a report of sin, but a retreat from it. Christians are not exempt from repentance. We look at the world saying they should release their wrongs and come to Christ, when we, God’s own elect, should release OUR wrongs and return to Christ!

Repentance and confession of wrongs lead to remission of sin and fellowship with God. Confession is not just mouthing the words or reciting the wrong; it’s not lip service; it’s feet service. Confession moves our feet out of wrongs and places us in communion with Christ. It means to feel the same way about the wrong as God does. If He hates it, you must hate it too. Do you hate sin just as much as the Lord or do you find it a comfortable residence?

God sees our sins, even if we don’t acknowledge them. Just as if you see your child do something wrong, you may not say anything at first; but until that child fesses up to what they did, reconciliation and remission cannot occur. Be honest in releasing your wrongs to God. Like the child that has done wrong, you will not be reconciled to God, nor be forgiven until you fess up and release your wrongs. Just because the mom saw it doesn’t mean the child will change. The confession sparks the change. Proverbs 28:13 says, “He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.”

Think about how your spirit feels when you fill it with wrongs, negativity, hidden wounds, and hurts. Your spirit becomes heavy because it was not built to handle these types of issues. The Spirit is a Comforter not a container, so release! Is the spirit in you clogged? If so, consider what’s filling you up.

The insults you scream, because you have to get “it” off your chest or give someone a piece of your mind (is filling you up). The affair that feels good to you, but is hurting your spouse or someone else’s (including emotional affairs, because adultery in the Christian age isn’t just physical, Matthew 5:28) (is filling you up). The lies you tell saying, “What they don’t know won’t hurt,” but God knows and it’s hurting Him (is filling you up). The pain of being abused, talked about, the guilt of having premarital sex, the shame of divorce, the wounds from unstable church leaders (is filling you up)!

The Holy Spirit that dwells inside of you is gasping for air, gasping for relief from your wrongs. Don’t be guilty of grieving Him (Ephesians 4:30), holding in things that hurt! Release those secret sinful keepsakes into God’s hands, so the Spirit can do His work of comforting, teaching, and leading you.

#3 reason to Release Wrongs: To move from perversion to conversion.

The disciples mentioned in the above scriptures had unreasonable unbelief. They didn’t want to believe that Christ had come back in the flesh although He told them He would. These are the apostles, shouldn’t they know better? Well, Jesus still had to jog their belief by revealing His wounds. Sometimes even good women, like us, need our understandings opened. Not only did our Lord reveal His wounds, He told them to go and preach repentance and remission so that they could experience a “refreshing.”

Acts 3:19 - "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins might be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord."

Converted means to turn away from your sins and turn back to God (see Acts 26:20). Conversion is a lifestyle change that takes time to achieve. You will have to work hard to release wrongs in your life...meaning don't keep placing yourself in tempting situations; don't keep talking about the problems, unless you have a solution that will help you move on.

You may be receiving offenses from all angles, but it’s okay. Release them to God and repent so He can refresh (overlook, excuse, exonerate, forgive, love) and restore you. The Lord presses the refresh button on your spirit each morning you arise and experience His mercy! Stay refreshed, not repressed in wrongdoings.

Satan doesn’t have much going for him, yet we give him more credit than he deserves. He can’t do to you what God doesn’t give him permission to (Job 1:7-12). The enemy uses the wrongs in your life to keep you disconnected from God. However, you are a KEPT woman and God has already sustained you; so let your life go and Give it over to Him completely. Release the wrongs that you’ve been holding on to or that are holding you, so that you can reconnect with your Father.

Suggestions for releasing wrongs:

APray that God will continue to reveal hidden hurts and wrongs in your life
BRemove wrongs, by confessing them to God and asking for His forgiveness. Don’t strategically place yourself in tempting situations
CForgive those that have done you wrong. It’s not healthy to harbor hurts that you can get over
D. Start thinking about every situation spiritually. Think about the Holy Spirit in you and if you are filling Him up with works of darkness, gloom and doom, or joy, peace, love, and forgiveness. 

Lesson Reflection

1) Is there a sin that God hasn’t forgotten, because you are still holding on to it? What is/are the wrongs? Write down how you will you release them?

2) Describe your relationship with the Lord. Do you talk to Him? Does He hear you? Does He even know you? (Find time to talk to Father this week. Where do you want to see your relationship with Him go?)

3) How do you keep the influence of a wrong world from affecting you spiritually? How would a refreshed spirit feel? (Find scriptures that speak of the joy and refreshing you have in Christ.)

Thank you:

For each of you that has taken this journey with us, we thank you and are praying for you. We’re praying for your strength and faith to increase as you dig deep into your heart to get to a place of healing in your life! Feel free to share your comments on "Release Wrongs" below. We'd love to hear from you! Also, share with others and encourage them to grow with us. If you are new to S.W.A.P. Ministries, you will find the previous lesson of the From Hurt to Healing series below.

Part 1 - Reveal Wounds

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  1. Praise be to God for putting Sister's like you in my life. You just do not Know how I needed to read this, this very morning. It was sitting here in my e-mail just waiting for me to open & read. No one can ever tell me that God is not working in everyone's life through Jesus Christ, we just have to do our part also.

    Have a very Blessed Day Ladies......Your sister in Christ, Susan Hewett

    1. Susan,

      We are SO thankful that God works the way He does and answers right on time. What a blessing to know this devotional was an aid to you! Our prayers is that as you continue to reveal wounds and release wrongs that the Lord is ever present in your life and that His Spirit is a great comfort to you daily! Thank you for swapping with us and confirming that we are doing what God desires of us...So glad you're in our lives as well!

  2. This lesson is so powerful. I really focused in on The Wrongs We Commit. The part where it talks about bringing up the past, rehearsing your own hurts. You also talked about unforgiveness. This is my testimony. Learning how to forgive those who hurt was a process for me. Then God revealed to me if I can forgive you, why can't you forgive your own brother or sister. Then I thought the people I may have hurt. Prayerfully they have forgiven me for hurting them. You talk about revisiting the past. There are something's I've done in my past that I'm not proud of, but I praise God for his Grace and Mercy. My God is a loving and Forgiving God, worthy to be praised. Thank you Ladies for this lesson..

    1. Forgiveness is one of the more tough lessons to grasp, but like you said Debra Gilliam, when we think of God forgiving us of the wrongs WE commit, we should be more gracious to others. Our prayer is that you're continually seeing yourself as forgiven, so that you can extend the same to others. Our Father is merciful, loving, patient, and kind and all He desires is that we come to Him in obedience and not be ashamed to share Him with others. We see you doing that! What a blessing you are to us; thank you for swapping your testimony with us...and remember, God throws our hurts away, we must do the same!


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