Freedom Friday

Friday, December 07, 2012

A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.” (Proverbs 18:7)


Have you ever wanted to take back words that you’ve said, because you know you really didn’t mean them to sound so mistrusting or so faithless?

If we’re not careful, satan will enter our minds and make us think and speak like him. He is an unhappy camper, without a tent who can only roam around looking for people to join him on his journey of evil loneliness. Somehow we turn into the same, when our minds aren’t protected.

We set ourselves up for failure, when satan places an “if only” mindset in us; when our minds drift from the sweet promises of God; and when we lose faith in how He works to how we think things should play out in our lives. Satan places phrases in us such as:

If only that didn’t happen to me, I’d be a better woman…
If only I could do it over again…
If only I was smart enough to understand…
If only I didn’t lose that promotion…
If only I gave in that one time, he’d be interested in me and he’d love me…

Don’t let the enemy set up shop in your mind. He will turn your thoughts upside down and turn your words inside out. “If only” is a negative stronghold trap that tells God you didn’t trust the way He worked things out in your life. When the stronghold of “if only” wants to seep through your lips use the words, next time instead.

Next time reinforces that you gave it a good try, and will try harder.
Next time confirms that you can’t change your past, yet you can change who you are right now.
Next time declares I will turn from my anger and turn towards acting in love.
Next time trusts that God worked things out for good, not left you to dwell on the bad.

We declare today No If’s Friday! Free yourself from the stronghold of “if only.” Proclaim trust in the next time!

What if only do you need to free yourself of today?

* We are so thrilled that you joined us for today's Freedom Friday message! If you want to learn more about being free from satan's grips, consider ordering your personal copy of our devotional book, "It's Over: Finding Freedom by Breaking Negative Strongholds." We guarantee that this journey will change your life for good! Thank you for swapping with us as we continue to grow together! *

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  1. I constantly need to be reminded of this!! No ifs... Love you both!


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