31 Days of Power: Day 6

Sunday, January 06, 2013


"He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength."
(Isaiah 40:29)

In what way(s) will I activate power in my life today?

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  1. I will praise God to da highest!

    1. Amen!!! You are such a blessing!

    2. You all are too, I'm so happy to find a sisterhood to be a part of other than my church family of ladies. Thank you!

  2. By remembering that God is my strength. That with God, I have nothing to fear and have been blessed with an inner strength that only God can give.

  3. Spiritually, when it comes to worship I've become weary, so God has been challenging me to be more bold and confident and exercising the power that He's given me to seek Him above all other things! God has given me the power to remember Him in worship. Strength in this verse means powerfulness, numerous...He will multiply strength in me when I become weary in worship...I will not run out. His strength runneth over in my life! Wow! Today, I will activate power, by remembering God. Remembering that He blesses me with power when I'm feeling faint, exhausted, and weary. I will activate power by remembering His Son's sacrifice that draws me to Him. I will remember His Spirit filling and leading me. I will remember His love that is ever refreshing and always growing inside me. I will remembering His rejuvenating mercy in me!


  4. God will give power to me when I start getting weary, He won't leave me in that weary state. I like how the original translation breaks the word power down to being might and substance, meaning God will produce those attributes in me. In times when I feel like there is completely nothing left in me, He increases my strength. The word strength in this passage translates to mean powerfulness in number; the word says He gives me an abundance of strength! Amen!!! What I'm learning is that even when I think I have exhausted all my power and strength, I haven't because as long as I have God, I will never faint. He is the supplier of power and He is power!


  5. The way that I will activate my power in my life is in everything PRAY for the guidance of God and I can't go wrong; because in my weakness He is my strength and my power!!!!!!


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