31 Days of Power: Day 7

Monday, January 07, 2013


"But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin."
(Micah 3:8)

How is power described in this passage? 

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  1. Power of the Holy Spirit.

  2. I believe the power is described as the authority to judge transgression and sin.

  3. Power here is described as the Prophet Micah being enpowered with the Spirit of God to deliver a powerful justice unto Jacob and Israel.

  4. That we can do all things with Gods holy sprit

  5. This verse brings to mind a few things. First, I must admit that I was blown away when I found out that God's word says that we have been given the power through His Spirit to recognize sin in ourselves and others. I think about the times when I'm around people or in situations where I may feel uncomfortable: a joke is said that I don't think is funny, a comment made by a public figure is applauded and I cringe; a song I used to blast out of my car windows now leaves me feeling blushed after taking time to listen to the words...the list is endless. My point is that these awkward moments aren't coincidental, they're proof that the Holy Spirit lives within me empowering me to recognize sin for what it is. This verse goes on to further say that Micah not only received power to identify sin so that he might avoid it, instead, it says that Micah was given the power to CONFRONT others living in sin by declaring to them what their sin was. We have a similar duty to those who need salvation. We must help them recognize their sinful condition before they can truly see the value and necessity of Jesus. However, it can be a sensitive and difficult task to aid others in admitting their shortcomings. I'm learning from this verse that if I rely on God's power, He will help me speak the truth without fear (2 Timothy 1:7).

  6. Power is described as coming from the Spirit of the Lord and also that power is FILLING. It's not half or a little bit of power, it fills me. Anything that is of the Lord is good. Power, judgment, and might filled Micah to recognize sin. It didn't say he was judgmental, but judged righteously/declared/announced/exposed sin. I must utilize the same power to recognize sin or transgression in my own life, before pointing out others. I should not deny the power of the Holy Spirit, and the might that he fills me with, is courage or boldness to deliver the message of God. Holy Spirit continue to give me the utterance to speak the things of God.


  7. I was encouraged by this scripture because sometimes I shy away from saying something about sin to a person, especially if they are close to me. It's sometimes easy to just let things pass, even in my own life, and not try to deal with it. Since learning more about breaking negative strongholds in my life, i've gotten better at not being afraid to expose the sin in my life, and if I need to help someone else with their walk in the Lord as well. This scripture again shows me that power comes from the Spirit, and the word power here means to be firm, have vigor, strength, and substance. God has given me the power to declare (front, announce, or expose) transgression (revolt, rebellion) and sin (offense, habitual sinfulness) in my life and others. It's not about trying to out sin in others, but also about looking inward to make sure that I too stay free from sin! God has given me the victory (Jesus) over sin!



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