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Friday, January 04, 2013

Sisters' song

Hey church lady, you gon’ hurt your back
Dragging all them spiritual bags like that
Was there no sister who cared to show you
All the strength you have deep within you, it's what she's supposed to do.
So here's a lesson, free of price, so it can enrich your life:
Instead of resolutions make revelations
Deciding to show folks what you're made of, switching the image they've created with their assumptions, lies and theories...a series of books judged by the covers
Too lazy to read the story within, so they just copy the cliff notes and miss the beautiful words of your life
The questions asked in your strife
The answers found in your pain
The pride You have in this permanent stain of the Father's blood washed over you
Let the real wish of this New Year be to revive the minds of the illiterate
So they believe and can reiterate David's bestseller in a movie called, "Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul."
Let’s see how many box office records we break
How many souls we take
out of the Devil’s grasp with the power you have to obliterate sin
To banish the old creature that you've been
Because One day, all your past will slowly get in your way
And trip you head first into the Devil's hell
Watch out! For his makeover is a beautiful spell
Turning your mind reprobate and causing you to procreate worldly lusts and interpretations of reality
Listen up and hear the Savior calling you back to your rightful place
By His side,
An area where hysteria over your circumstances and situations has no space
To breed and lead your future, to feed and plant seeds in your present
Stand tall with the knowledge you have to revive yourself again and again
Each day fresh and free with the vitality of God's word to lift you,
Not to stand alone on the mountaintop of truth but to pull your sister up
To breathe the sacred air that you can only accept into a heart that is prepared for God’s relentless, unconditional sweet love.
Make this year a concrete decision to aggressively seek His voice in all you desire
His face in the man you admire, His blessing in all you plan to acquire.
Pick up your spiritual bags, and move forward in the Lord.

~Jessica Tolliver~

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  1. I truly love these words....inspiring and to the point! As I move into this year my desire to to drop those unwanted 'baggages' and "pick up the spiritual bags as I move forward in the Lord". Hallelujah!

    Have a glorious week-end Sisters!

  2. I really do appreciate this poem by Jessica Tolliver. I just know is talking to me. This is a poem that really hit home for me. Thanks for the encouragement..

  3. Thank you Jessica for sharing your poetic expressions!! You never cease to amaze me; I'm so thankful to be your sister in Christ!



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