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Friday, February 15, 2013


It's my time to be in the valley Lord,
And I'm grateful for this chance to love you in the hard times.
I know my time here is limited, so allow me now to praise you for all the things you are.
I found you as a rock in my weary land, a firm foundation on which to continually stand
You are my Shelter day in and day out, protecting my body from the winds and my soul from the rains of life that would surely drown me
You were my Bread when the devil's food left me starving for you, hungry for the three square meals of peace filling me with an imperishable sustenance which runneth over in my cup
You are the river of life that quenches my thirst for your goodness
When my throat is so parched from the rays of my trials beating down on me, let me drink from your well that never runs dry and bathe in the waters of sacred baptism
You are the balm in Gilead that soothes my aching wounds when I was thrown from your blessed battlefield
When the storms threaten to take me down, you were the Anchor to my mind so I stayed grounded in your word
And when my sorrows overwhelmed my soul,
You are the still voice that reminds me to weep only this night, for
God is patiently waiting to show me the joyous morning light shining over the hills from which cometh my help
Down on my knees, I plucked you as the Lily of my valley, thankful for the fragrant flower that makes me smell sweet through the stench of my disobedience
You are fire in my spirit, shut up in my bones to give me warmth from the chilly world that cares nothing for me
You ARE love, real and perfect designed to keep my valley as a necessary destination of praise
And I WILL praise you every moment of my depths so that those at the height of the mountain are eager for their valley, excited for their tribulations, because they see my perseverance, my beautifully molded character, my hope for the future that God already assigned to me.
You are that hope that does not disappoint, so I know that even if I stay in this valley for a lifetime,
You are able to bring me up and set me in heavenly places.
This valley will NOT defeat me, I see your glory within me, I feel your comfort surrounding me, I hear your voice lifting me.
Thank you Lord for my valley, which is wondrous.

~Jessica Tolliver~

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  1. O my God! Sisters good morning.
    I just awakened for what I've come to cAll my "bathrroom break" when I saw my only email for the day - cause things have been slow since I came home from the hospital.
    But, this is like all I want to read for right here someone is speaking to God on my behalf! I mean it. I so feel alone, so in the 'valley' and as if the mountains are closing in on me. The view is not so bad now after reading this, I'm gonns go have a talk with my Saviour while I sit and await His blessings on my life today.
    Thanks again for the Word and may you day be filled with praise and thanksgiving, knowing you have touched another Soul in 'the Valley' - mine.
    Love you Sisters - God bless you richly.


  2. What wonderful uplifting and inspiring words. Praise God for the valleys for it is there that we grow.

    Have a blessed weekend sisters


  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharing!!

  4. I absolutey love this piece Jessica! Thank you for encouraging me through your testimony!


  5. Jessica! This piece is so inspiring right now...I will embrace my valley...the view looks amazing from here. All GOD!



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