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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Enjoy this poetry piece by our sister, friend, and S.W.A.P. Expressions contributor, Jessica Tolliver.


911? There's an emergency in the church that I must report
A crime has been committed and I must bear witness for the good of the community.

There's been a murder...
and I saw body after body cast to the side with their lives cut short - shot down in their prime by the assault rifle of sin,
expelling bullets of envy, strife and lusts of the flesh.

A suffocation has snuffed out the new disciples, never learning how to apply the true word of God that can breathe life into the situations threatening us everyday.

There's been a kidnapping...
the joy that belongs to those who worship a living God is absent
The peace that passeth all understanding has been stolen from this place where it should eternally reside
They requested a ransom I could not afford,
for not only is my soul the most priceless possession I own but truly it's not mine to negotiate at all.

Somebody stole...
the Agape love that one brother should have for another, even though they tried to replace it with fake smiles, stiff hugs and pats on the back-
With a knife in their hands.

Someone snatched...
the salvation of our Lord from the church and put it in the hands of heathens,
who have soiled it with their deceit and selfish purposes.

There's been a rape...
of the righteousness that cloaked our spiritual bodies after our birth in baptism, pushing evil in without regard or consent and then leaving-
Laughing as the best of us lays broken and ashamed.

A spiritual vandalism has also defaced my church...
Covering this holy ground with the dark paint of secrets and the runny yolk of past grudges that make this building just another building.

There's a sign saying "No Trespassing"...
but the Devil didn't care and snuck about the pews, hidden while in plain view.
He wore so many masks that he was almost undetectable
After all, even Satan masterfully uses scripture to manipulate naive souls at every turn.

There's been a forgery too...
for hypocrites have feigned to be Christians since the church began, hiding behind the Cross to absolve them of their wrongdoing.

And operator, I know it's shocking but there's also been prostitution in my church...
people selling their bodies and souls to the devil in exchange for the riches of this world.

They tried to stop me from speaking-
they said they would implicate ME too if I dimed them out! Two counts of extortion...
one for each side of their double-tongued, two-faced mouths spewing lies and threats.
When you come to arrest them, they won't be easy to find.
They blend into the crowd, camouflaging their evil deeds and bearing false witness with a finger pointed at another brother.
Pointed at me.

So arrest us all, and let the Holy Spirit decide who is guilty and who is truly free
True Christians shine so brightly that the difference will stand confidently on its own.
No one drawing closer to God
will bind themselves up in the chains of sin willingly, or
Sit behind the bars of guilt and judgement voluntarily.

Watch! The true Christians will come back to set the captives free,
and show them the way to a forgiveness that releases the criminal over and over again.

Forgive us Lord, that we might not commit these crimes again.

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  1. Lord have mercy on us!!! Great poem Jess!!! Outstanding and ever so true! Thank God for using you to get us straight.

    1. We couldn't agree with you more!

  2. Ladies I love this !!!! So true and clever as well as creative but most of all its TRUTH!!!! Thank you for your kind words as always


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