31 Days of No Murmuring May

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Words (especially negative ones) can stick with us for a long time. They can even hurt. God’s word, however is a comfort, a peace-giver, are affirming, and His word even leads us to salvation! We realized that it is so easy to murmur about our situations rather than thank God for them. We saw how negativity could easily rule and appreciation for our blessings were put on the back-burner; so in order to change our thinking and speaking we endeavored to personally dedicate an entire month to no murmuring!

We did our journey in March and the results were amazing. The peace of God began to be even more clear as we saw how we could change our thinking and atmospheres when we stopped the murmuring!

We just couldn't wait to share this challenge and journey with our SWAPs!

Throughout the month of May, we will dig deep into the word of God and discover what He says about getting rid of our wicked speech. We will, together as a ministry, read a scripture daily that informs us of the tongue and learn to apply the Word to our personal lives by meditating on and answering a series a questions. Our hope is that through this 31 day journey, an appreciation for kind and gracious speech is developed, as we learn that murmuring only leads to hurt for those involved.

While you read each passage meditate on these questions:

1) What is this passage teaching me about the words I speak?
2) When do I find myself not speaking as Christ would have me to speak?
3) What steps will I take today to turn my murmuring into thanksgiving?

Please join us for 31 Days of No Murmuring May and invite a friend to subscribe to our blog to join us as well! Let's begin to speak kindness and truth to others; as well as give thanks to the Lord for every situation. Click here for your printable calendar!

Let's dig deep so that we can all grow together in the Lord! ☺

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  1. Can't wait for the word on No Murmuring May!

    1. We look forward to studying with you!


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