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Monday, April 01, 2013

Good Morning SWAPs!

We’re four months into 2013 and things are going great! We have some great news to share with you so make sure to read this email in its entirety. We want to say a BIG Thank You to everyone who read, swapped, studied, and participated in our Into Christ Midweek Push series. Wasn’t it amazing and transformational?!

This series was exciting as well as tough, because though we are a women’s ministry that aims to build up, inspire, and spur on women to serve and sacrifice for God; we still must do the tough stuff by going further in our obedience to address doctrine. Baptism is a commandment that we just could not overlook nor shy away from so we are grateful to the Spirit for ushering us so that we could boldly and humbly swap this word with you!

If you or someone you know still has questions regarding our series, feel free to email us at and we would love to chat with you!


Honduras here we come! The countdown is definitely on and we want to thank all of you who have helped support SWAP thus far in our fundraising efforts, through your prayers, calls, and cards! If you still haven’t purchased your copy of It’s Over, it’s definitely not too late. We guarantee that this book will have you on the road to breaking strongholds that you didn’t realize had you bound. You’ll be on your way to finding freedom in Christ and rekindling your love relationship with God in no time. Our devotional book can be used for personal or group study. We’ve received rave reviews in both areas. Read some recent testimonies below:

P.H.Check out S.W.A.P. Ministries; you can get the book from them, it's worth it!

D.C.The last Tuesday of each month won't be the same!! Come out everyone and let's break strongholds together!! Thanks S.W.A.P. Ministries for an awesome tool!

I.J.Today I had to reflect back to my devotional manual; so glad it exists…It's amazing to be Breaking & Conquering STRONGHOLDS even after they try to Reinvent Themselves/Itself. Thanks again S.W.A.P. Ministries.

There are STILL 2 ways to send support for S.W.A.P.’s Honduras mission trip:

1) By purchasing our 9-week devotional book, It’s Over: Finding Freedom By Breaking Negative Strongholds

2) Or by mailing financial support directly to the ministry at:

S.W.A.P. Ministries
P.O. Box 681374 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28216

We've paid a whole lot out of pocket, yet still have nearly $1400 left to raise!! God has blessed us greatly since we stepped out on faith and committed this trip into His hands. We know His blessings will continue.


We have some great messages coming in April 2013! Testimony Tuesdays we will be digging into the word of God to study about some women in the Bible that you may or may not have heard of and how their stories have underscored their faith and given them testimonies that could only lead back to the Lord. The testimonies of these faithful women can likely aid us in discovering and voicing our own.

For the entire month of April, Shanita and Melanie will be taking on the personal challenge of positive affirmations. We will be speaking life over our situations versus death. We will proclaim God’s goodness versus complaining over things out of our control. We will affirm the scriptures and apply them to our lives in a positive way. Our Freedom Fridays in April will be dedicated to Breaking Negative Strongholds by affirming victory over satan and the strongholds that try to bind us. Won’t you join us?


The Sharon Wellington Sister With A Purpose Award

You still have 7 months to nominate someone for the Sharon Wellington Sister With A Purpose Award, which will be presented to a woman, who:

1. Lives her life on purpose.
2. Lives her life with purpose.
3. Purposely glorifies God.
4. Empowers women to live their lives on purpose

Our ministry is dedicated to service and living out God’s purpose for our lives; Sharon Wellington did just that and brought many souls to Christ because of her life. We can’t help but honor her memory with this award. For more information and submission guidelines, click here and learn how you can nominate yourself or a woman you know for this wonderful award!


As always, let us all get ready to grow together in the LORD!

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