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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Go girl. Stomp that runway and stack your paper
Run YOUR way and forget your Maker
Paint on those lips so dewy and full of lust
To cover the mistrust from being silenced so much
Dust those eyes smoky and grey
With shadows that shadow the pain where you lay
Blush those cheeks with life so pink
Caring too much of what sinners think
Your concealer does not conceal
The bags of your burdens,
All it reveals is your wounds to heal
But you never deal with your issues.
The sunken mess of your cheeks
The sadness in your eyes
The fear between your thighs
Your broken back when you rise.
Your Calvin Klein, Versace and Louis Vuitton
Made you a worldly millionaire, and a spiritual vagabond
Did you check your paycheck for the price of your fame?
Did you enjoy burning slowly in Satan's tricky game?
See, the beauty in your beauty is
that it's not always beautiful
Walking your street runway trying to be identical to
the models and the clothes that the world adorns
Hiding their flaws and their bodies so worn
From being used for visual pleasure
Your value never weighed and accurately measured
by the Godly scale that keeps us heaven heavy,
Spiritually wealthy and bible healthy.
Not fat free but sin free,
not low in calories but high in victories
over Satan and his kind
Fix your mind to things above to renew your mind
Make moves from mere potential to production
The world's treasures are only seduction
and you fell so hard, so far, so fast
Little girl-no matter what your age-
Realize good times won't always last
After the glitz and glamour of the life you've created for yourself
Your awards and accolades collecting dust on the shelf
Memories of glory gone instead of the glory to come is all you have left.
Doesn't it feel empty? Don't you feel incomplete?
Haha! You thought those things would give you the love you seek.
The cameras stopped flashing and the true image of yourself is not what you want
The Devil is waiting for your next mistake to flaunt
Your true fame isn't in magazines
Looking in Vogue for your pose
Isn't as fulfilling as it once seemed
Get your breakthrough so you can break through the insanity
Let the fake through and release those demons of vanity
Be introduced to the heavenly designer who will fit you with the whole armour of God
Sized just right with righteousness, salvation, faith, truth
Even heels to walk with the preparation of peace in this path you must trod
Model yourself after The Lord and walk on.

~Jessica Tolliver~

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  2. Ladies once again you have made my day....she is great writer and its true and creative and cute. I love what God is doing in ALL of you! You all keep me going ...

  3. Jessica, you have done it yet again! So proud of how you allow God to use you! I'm blessed by your gift! Thanks for yielding your talents to encourage so many through SWAP!


  4. Alright Jessica, with the lyrical masterpiece!!! What an eye-opener girl. Keep letting the Lord use you! This poem is awesome! I respect your pen!


  5. Thanks ladies! I pray that using my gift for Him only increases it!

  6. Once again a very powerful delivery. This poem hit it right on the nail. May God continue to Bless you Jessica


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