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Monday, May 13, 2013

Don't Speak

I used to love the sound of your voice
Loving me and guiding me towards the light
Whispering sweet everythings of confidence into existence
Saying all the things I needed to make me whole and beautiful every day
But then your voice became dark and cloudy like a perfect storm
Sending the lightning of criticism to set fire to my dreams,
Booming thunder to shatter my fragile mind,
torrential rains of doubt to drown the goals I set so carefully for my future
Breathtaking gusts of wind to blow my hopes away.
And I wanted to hear your voice no more
The tone made me sick, the octave made me shiver, your words made me shed tears of pure anguish.
So don't speak.
Except when you should
Because God calls us to go into all
the world
Blanketing the sinner's soul with the gospel that provides the warming hope of heaven
Speak open that straight and narrow gate that leads to eternal life
Speak directions to the heavenly road less traveled
Speak against the sins of this world and speak a blessing on those that seek to terrorize us
Speak healing on the sick and dying, breathing the gasps of Life and love into their bodies
Speak a miracle into the soul of your sister who's given up hope
Speak transformation into your sister who needs her mind renewed
Speak abstinence into the lustful heart of the sister that wants to be the object of any man's affection
Speak righteousness into the feet of the brother that walks through life sowing discord
Speak confession into the perpetual sinner
Speak life in the graveyard of the church
Speak wisdom in the face of ignorance
Speak praise where reproach has beaten so many down
Speak beauty into the vanity that has changed the face of the Christian
Speak power into the timid and frightened
Speak joy where sadness and desperation have made their beds
Speak freedom from the chains that bind you
Speak victory to cover the defeat from your past in the name of Jesus
Because when you talk, words simply drop from your mouth and lay on the air
But when you SPEAK, substance is created and the people will listen.
Finally hear the Master's still, small voice calling your name to just...

~Jessica Tolliver~

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