Thankful Thursday

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I grew up as the only girl in a family of brothers. Whether they were biological brothers (of which I have 2), half-brothers (of which I have 3) or stepbrothers (of which I have 2), boys surrounded me.

Yeah, I climbed trees, jumped off houses, played football with the boys, even got beat up a couple of times; they even took things from me and made me fight to get them back. Boys. My brothers often embarrassed me in front of their guy-friends, yet I’ll tell everyone to this day… I was NOT spoiled. Ha! You would think the only girl would get whatever she wanted, but no, my mom didn’t play favorites. I was just the only girl. On the flip side my brothers took up for me and taught me how to fight. They wouldn’t let anyone talk to me crazy and would question any guy who tried to date me! Maybe they were a little over-protective, but hey, I appreciate that about them.

But I wanted a sister. A girlfriend I could talk to, so I made friends with the girls on my street and we played Barbie’s and dress up. I made friends at school and we were in the Honor Society, Madrigal chorus, Gospel choir and track teams together. These were my secret sisters, but they didn’t know it!

I am thankful to say that even though they didn’t live in my house, I found many sisters within my church family, who have been closer to me than any brother or biological sister could ever be. I’ve gained sisters who would not just play childhood games with me, but would pray for me because of the pain in my childhood. I’ve gained sisters who would not just sing with me, but would praise and worship God with me because of our testimonies interlocking and because they were generally concerned about my walk with the Lord. I've even gained sisters that hurt me, only to teach me to pray to our Father about everything.

Sisterhood is a marvelous relationship. 

I wasn’t just looking for a sister in name, but in action.
I wasn’t just looking for a sister in life, but a sister for life. 

I’ve been blessed with an unfathomable, innumerable sisterhood because of Christ. When we become sisters by the blood of JESUS, we have a bond for life... a sisterhood bond that cannot be easily broken!

My grandmother was a wise sister whom I still hold dear.
My mother was a hard-working sister who has taught me to persevere.
My best friend is a righteous, passionate for Christ sister who’s taught me how to be strong.
I have many a cancer survivor sister who shows me daily how to fight on.
I’m thankful for my praying sisters who are deeply connected to Christ.
I thank God for my check-up-on-ya sisters who want to make sure I’m doing what’s right.

I give praise to all my sisters that God has given me. Those I can share the deep things of the Lord with, pray in the Spirit with, praise God with, learn from, teach and inspire, serve with, work alongside, cry with, mourn for, laugh with, celebrate, protect, pray for, and lead to Christ.

Sisters of all kinds and connections are a precious gift from God. What a reason to be thankful!!

Everyone deserves a sister. Look around you. There may be a woman who was just the only girl in the family, or the oldest of girls in the family, or the baby girl in the family, or the sister-girl that wronged you in the family. Thank God for her. Reach out to her. Forgive her. Befriend her. Love her.

I thank God for the sweet life of sisterhood.

What are you thankful for today?

Melanie Joyce Johnson

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  1. Amen! Growing up as an only child helps me to appreciate the sisters that I now have, in Christ. Thank you for such a nostalgic and heartwarming message today.

    Keep Shining!

    1. Thank you so much Gyquetta! God knows how to bring a family together, even if we're not biological siblings! He's mighty and relational...He's so awesome :) Let us give thanks for the BLOOD of JESUS that brings us all together!



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