Thankful Thursday

Thursday, May 09, 2013


I am constantly losing my sunglasses. Every time I turn around I’ve either left them in another city; left them at someone’s home; left them in someone’s car that I would never see again; or put them in a bag that I was throwing into the trash...and there they went. Lost.

I recently just lost a pair this week and I can honestly say, this time, I didn’t get all teary eyed and emotional like normal. I just laughed!

I laughed because I was searching hard for those glasses…I mean I checked my purse, the front seat, back seat, under the seat, in my suitcase, back to my purse, I searched my suitcase a couple more times and then I just stopped. I was searching frantically, but I couldn’t afford searching 30 minutes for a pair of plastic sunglasses.

I realized about an hour later when I was on the plane that I left them in the first place I looked, but it was the search that I found I was most thankful for. I was diligent in my search. I searched hard, I searched high, I knelt down and searched, and I even bent myself around car seats searching for something that was easily replaceable.

Do I search for God like that?

In my faith journey, I can say that I don’t always search for Him like that, but I am thankful that a pair of sunglasses has truly opened my eyes to just how much I need the Lord in my life. I don't ever want to lose Him.

There are days when I’ve lost my way, and I need to search high for His direction. 
There are times when I’ve lost the words, and I need to search hard through His Word.
There are moments when I’m just lost, and I need to kneel down and search for His purpose to manifest itself in my life again. 

I thank God for the search, because in it, I find out the type of woman that I am: 

Do I just give up? Do I cry? Am I moldable in my search? Do I praise Him? Am I teachable? Do I learn my lesson or keep making the same mistake of leaving God behind (like I did those sunglasses)?

Maybe you’ve lost something or even someone in your life and you’re searching hard. You may be searching for peace and acceptance after losing a loved one; searching for spiritual rebirth after losing your zeal for the Lord; searching for faith after losing trust in someone you held close.

What have you lost today that you need to stop and thank God for?

Search for Him in the uncertainty. Search for Him diligently. Search for His answers daily.

Search for Him and He will be found.

Melanie Joyce Johnson

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  1. Amen! Melanie this is such a powerful message; certainly one that I can relate to. Fortunately, Father promises that when we seek Him and His righteousness, that we shall find Him. Our faithful efforts in Seeking Him First shall never be in vain!

    Thank you for the edification.

    1. Amen Gyquetta!

      I am thankful we serve a God who keeps His promises. I am thankful that when He says seek Him, He means it and He makes Himself evident to the ready heart. I am glad that this message spoke to you in a great way and my prayer for you is as you daily search for Him that He shows up quickly...thank you sis for your encouragement and prayers!



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