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Friday, June 21, 2013


Not long ago I became disabled
Handicapped in the eyes of man and the law.
physically broken, I began to see myself through the lens of what others saw.
But as I got stronger,  I realized something that others failed to see
How many people in the world that were much more disabled than me.
Feet that led them where they need not be
Stepping in the path of sin and wallowing in iniquity.
Knees that refused to bow in prayer,
Too good to know a Savior that gave you your wealth
idolizing gods that are not there.
A back broken from carrying the stress of this life,
Torn and aching from its worries, cares and strife.
Shoulders that can't bear to carry the burdens of another
And shrug in carelessness at the trials of your brother.
Hands that can't reach out to help a sister when she falls
Instead shaking an accusing finger with sanctified, pious gaul
A neck that won't look back to reflect on your mistakes,
crashing into dreams that seem like you're wide awake.
Eyes that are too farsighted to see a God that's always with us
Too nearsighted to see the One who sits high but looks low,
An astigmatism that blurs and distorts Jesus' cleansing crimson flow
A blindness that prevents you from recognizing the gift keeping you holy and saved
Refracting the light of Jesus on closed eyes, sightless and depraved
Ears that reject the truth, allowing that good news to fall on a deaf ear
Socializing your heart till the gospel becomes your greatest fear.
A mute tongue that refuses to correct others or sing the Sunday hymn
A stuttering speech embarrassed to share the gospel of Christ within
A lisp that trips righteousness with the awkward sputters of sin
A brain that cannot process the commandments we must follow
Synapses that fire across a life that is empty and hollow.
A retardation of sorts, stunting your growth and progress
A dyslexia twisting reality and wickedness
The disability lies in your own restrictions you've decided
The criticism spewed from your own tongue keeps you divided
Separated mentally from a life worth living
Making your personal existence weak and crippling
You look at me and my limitations and think, "If I was in that place I would surely die."
So here, YOU take my handicap sticker
Because clearly you are more disabled than I.

~Jessica Tolliver~

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  1. Good morning Sisters....you've done it again!

    Remember how 'Sick' I was recently? This is exactly how it was. Yes, I was ailing but inwardly I felt 'handicapped", just like Jessica said it. I can seriously identify with most of this poem - omG - today I can clearly, confidently say 'thank God for the Blood' and the opportunity to be able to see my disability so I could cry out to God one more time for a complete cleansing which made the 'Sister' I am today.
    Glory to God!

    I've been brought real low, sometimes to the point that if it had not been for Holy Spirit I would have given up. But, I've been in this position before and He brought me up out of the mirey clay...so I wait with great anticipation for the move again in my life...you know financially.
    I once had so much, I would not hesitate to give ..I'm thinking about your 'trip' and your book, but I might have done things I shouldn't have so He makes me want so much I can only turn to Him. Can you imagine not able to buy food? Do the basics for your family? Well it happened to me! But not one night did my children go to bed hungry neither had to stay away from school because I didn't have the money. God always came thru sometimes at the 'nick of time' :) the awesomeness of my jehovah jireh. Are you understanding me? I just get excited when I start to tell of His goodness I just go on and on :)...
    Anyways I pray all is well with your Mission and God's continued blessings in abundance.

    Love from Jamaica and a Joyfilled weekend to you and yours.

    1. Your testimony has blessed our souls! Joy, God always provides! You are truly a blessing to us in so many ways! You have that 2 fish 5 loaves of bread testimony! Keep swapping, we enjoy learning about you and growing in the Lord together!

      We are so glad you have been touched by this ministry! Your prayers are more than money could ever be!

  2. WOW!!!! Powerful.

    1. She rocked it in this poem! Mind blowing!


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