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Friday, July 26, 2013

July 5, 2013 (Journal Entry)

Today, we had a carnival for the children from the dump. Games such as balloon darts, mini golf, beanbag toss, and many others were created from wood. This is the day that I met my new friend, Leili. When we arrived we were pretty much told where the bathrooms were and to start playing with the kids until the games got set up.

I went around saying, “hola” and I got some responses back and some hugs from younger girls; then I said hi to Leili and she responded back, hi! Leili is in the 9th grade. She spoke English really good. When I complimented her, she commenced to ask me questions:

What’s your favorite color? I said purple, what’s yours? She responded, pink.
What’s your favorite food? I said ham and shrimp, what’s yours? She said hers was hamburgers and pizza.

We sat like two old friends building relationship for a while.

Then she started singing in Spanish a song that was familiar to me: “Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you’re my God. You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy; altogether wonderful to me.” I didn’t expect that; as if she wasn’t supposed to know spiritual songs…God sure can make Himself known, even at a carnival. So Leili and I sang in unison, her in Spanish and me in English. She shared that she loves Hillsong church’s music. I said me too. We shared stories about our families, where our parents are (or weren’t), our siblings names. She showed me her 2 younger brothers and sister who were running around and said she takes care of them. She asked me about my profession, I said a writer. She shared that she wants to go to school in the United States in Texas to study Psychology. I told her I got my degree in Psychology and that she would enjoy it.

Connection. Relationship.

Later, me, Shanita, and another missionary, Daniel were manning the beanbag toss which was so much fun. I was sure our station was the loudest and most exciting! The children lined up by size to toss a beanbag in a slot for tickets. The children could use the tickets they earned to get prizes such as blankets, shoes, toys, underwear, pizza, etc. The children gained so much from the games…they would win and go cash in their tickets for underwear; they’d come back and and play again, win tickets, and get prizes for their little sisters or brothers or parents. Not too many children I know would choose underwear over toys.

What another reason to be grateful.

I learned so much from watching and playing with them.  Determination. Humor. Faith. Hope. It was great seeing them enjoy earning the tickets to get things they needed and not just have us give them the items. ☺

We were gearing up to leave and I had to tell Leili goodbye. Sadly, I didn’t want to. We were like two people on a phone that didn’t want to hang up. We would hug and say bye. Then hug again. Repeat. We hugged tight one final time and she said I love you. Then she said it in Spanish. Te amo. I told her that I loved her too and to stay in school. She told me to write for her and I told her I would. I didn’t go there that day thinking I would be encouraged by a child to write…but I was. I didn’t go there thinking I would be changed…but it happened.

I will continue to write.

I will never forget her words; and I hope that God affords me the opportunity to see her again, so that I can tell her I love her and perhaps join her in Spanish, singing... “Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you’re my God. You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy; altogether wonderful to me.”
God has us in places, in families for a reason. God may place us in a family that doesn’t believe, so that we can be the one to strengthen and inspire them through our faith. God places us in somewhat impoverished homes and communities, but may give us a mind that sees value in the rubbish. He has a solid reason for all that He does. God, I thank you for where you have placed me; my family is not perfect, I am not perfect. But I know you. And I know that the paths you take me on and the people you bring my way, whether in Honduras or America, are perfect for a moment to accomplish your purpose.
I look forward to sharing final thoughts with you about our mission trip on Monday! God has done and is continuing to do, so many wonderful things in Honduras.


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  1. God is molding you into something beautiful and I am honored that He chose ME to cross your path!! Keep that fire sister! Love you!!

    1. Thank you so much Kinsey for your love and support! Iron sharpens iron sister! ~Melanie

  2. Again, beautiful. You are such a compassionate inspiration. I love you and your sister, and I am so proud to have worked beside you both in Honduras

    1. Thank you so much Kenzi! It was such a joy working with you as well in Honduras and we definitely love you too. ~Melanie

  3. Melanie....you're an inspiration. You're are God's Beautiful angel. Thanks for inspiring to do more for those who are less fortunate...

    1. Thank you so much Debra for your encouragement and love! So glad you enjoyed these few words of the great impact that God's people in Honduras had on me! ~Melanie

  4. Hello my dear sister's in Christ,

    Thank you for sharing your adventure with me. My heart has been so touched, that it brings tears to my eyes. I can just picture in my mind, you there in Honduras playing, laughing, singing, etc.. with the children and how happy you made them feel, that someone loves them. God is so awesome!

    Blessings & grace to you.

    Sis. Bernetta { IN CALIFORNIA }


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