Honduras 2013, Melanie’s Account

Monday, July 29, 2013

(Final Reflections)

We held our last medical clinic and children’s VBS today. Beforehand, a group of us went to the market to purchase food to give away to families. We split up into groups (each having a fluent speaker of Spanish in them) to purchase onions, squash, lettuce, potatoes, plantains, and much more. Marc, our missionary leader, gave our group of three, $1500 in Honduran money (about $73 in US dollars) to purchase plantains. He told us to make sure he got change back, so we went in determined to make a deal with the produce sellers. Many of them know Marc and respect him because of what he does to give back to people in Honduras, so that helped with bargaining. Our group managed to buy 300 plantains for $1200 (about $58 in US dollars)! We were not only grateful to get a good deal, but also grateful that this purchase would help families that we would meet later at the medical clinic.

Food can only go so far. What we all have a desperate hunger for is the Father. Even though we would pass out food, clothes, and water, I learned how so many people in Honduras had a love so great for the Father that it would put some of our “Christian lives” to shame. People were calling on the Lord without shame, sharing testimonies with faith, and praying with, for, and over us with joy!

At the clinic, we were able to give away all the food and hold a VBS for the kids. The children laughed, circled, jumped, sat, smiled, and loudly sang songs about Jesus. It was eye opening to see and hear even a child have no shame in praising God aloud. Could I? Would I? It made me wonder do I hide the Lord under a bushel when I get in the midst of others.

My prayer is that I live a life that creates and leads to a deeper relationship with the Father no matter who’s looking.

My last full day in Honduras was filled with mixed emotions. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to keep building. I wanted to build another house; build another relationship. I wanted God to build me. I wanted to build up the hurting, hungry, and lonely because I’ve felt those very same feelings before. My heart is still there and I pray for that next time that my feet get to touch Honduran soil, my hands interlock with a young girl who wants to just run, skip, and jump, and my arms are able to embrace another grandmother who will share her wisdom and faith.

I also felt a sense of unspeakable joy. God brought me to a place that I never imagined I would go and changed me. He made me the mission. He re-did me.

He re-constructed…re-worked…re-shaped…re-newed…re-modeled… re-lieved…re-wired…re-stored…re-built me.

God helped me to remember that I can smile even when my circumstances call for stress. I can play in the rain, even when satan brings storms in my life. I can be confident to speak up even if my youth was stolen right from under me. I can praise, even if everyone wants me to find/have/seek pity in the situation. I am built up. My soul was rebuilt in Honduras.

The last prayer I wrote down before leaving Honduras was:

God teach me to honor you no matter what dump I’m placed in. Create in me a heart of continued worship. Place in me a spirit that serves and feet that move. Remove any sign of sin and pity from me so that I may worship you freely without satan’s foothold on my praise. Help me not to hold back when everyone else is reserved. God, every night I close my eyes and fall asleep in darkness, but thank you for placing the Light in me. Thank you for the Word, Jesus, who gives me words to share with others. Thank you for His sacrifice, may I make one today. A sacrifice that will change a life. A sacrifice that will change me. I want to humble myself today and love, serve, and be like Christ. Thank you for revealing yourself to me in Honduras. Thank you for teaching me that it’s not about me, but all about You…it’s all about relationship and getting back connected to You."

God made me the mission. He may be ready to make you the mission as well. Will you answer Him and move, go, and step out in faith? Will you leave all the naysayers behind? Will you leave those closest to you to serve those who want to draw closer to Him? He desires that you share Him with someone else. I encourage you to search your heart to where our Lord is drawing you… He desires a relationship with you; will you take His hand?


I am grateful for all of you who have joined Shanita and I on this journey of Honduras reflections. Though I’ve written down many words here, nothing can compare to the transformations, love, hope, truth, and experience God wrote on my heart! I am forever changed. Thank you for your support (financial/spiritual), your prayers and calls; your thoughtful and encouraging words. Thank you for sharing in the joys, woes, and blessings that come with serving and doing mission work overseas. I thank God for the leading of the Spirit. I can honestly say, He led me to the right place, at the right time, for His perfect purpose! I thank Him that the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached. I’m grateful to have been used for a purpose much greater than I could have ever planned. I thank Him for those still serving in Honduras because that mission is ongoing. Let’s find a way to keep the spirit of service going wherever we step here in America.

Love you SWAPs! ☺

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  1. My Sister Melanie, you're an inspiration sis. Your reflection has touched my heart deeply. It has taught me to appreciate what i have. I would love to one day go over there and help my SWAP sisters. You are my inspiration and a sister with a purpose....

    1. Thank you Debra! You have always been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me! I love you my SWAP sister! ~Melanie


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