Honduras 2013, Shanita's Account

Friday, July 19, 2013

Honduras 2013, Shanita’s Account

I decided to share another journal entry with you because I feel it’s a genuine way to know the real me. No sugar coating, no masks, just thoughts. I hope throughout my reflections, you are able to gain a piece of something that encourages you to be more missional, intentional, and relational with the people God brings to your path.

July 2, 2013 (Journal Entry)

I’m alright! Today is already starting off wonderful as I’m experiencing God in all the earth. His ways are not my ways, and His thoughts are not my thoughts. I wonder what He’s going to reveal on this journey. This morning I enjoyed an easy breakfast; eggs, ham, and beans. Who would have thought beans could be so good?! I thought I would be freaked out by the food, but actually I’m not. I have food to eat and that’s a tremendous blessing.

Today’s word is compassion. Our group leader started the day off with devotion and our mission. We’re building houses today for families in need. Our group leader encouraged us to build relationships first, then if we felt the desire, we could give bracelets, shoes, clothes, etc.; but not until the relationship is established. It’s just more meaningful that way! One thing that has happened in the past is that when Americans go on mission trips, it’s like Christmas because we give, give, and give without first establishing a relationship. That’s not effective ministry, that’s toxic charity.

Our goal here is to serve with compassion, not pity. God loves us all and wants us to love in return; loving is not just material.

(Reflections from later that evening)

Today, I worked with a team on building a house for a single mother of three. The beauty is the family worked with us and we were practically done building her home before the rain began heavily. She lived in a very small home; some of us wouldn’t even use it as an outhouse. She and her children had been sleeping on air mattresses on a muddy ground for years. Compassion said, build harder, faster, and with the purpose of this family experiencing God through the hands and feet of His people. Every nail was purposed. Every piece of plywood was purposed. It mattered!

I was hot, tired, and at times mentally drained, but I kept lifting, hammering, and serving because it was about the purpose and not my temporary pain. Now this is the mentality I have in America, but I must admit that seeing those muddy floors deepened my compassion. You see, everyday I have options, whether to shower or not, whether to watch TV or not, yet for some I’m meeting here, their only option everyday is to survive. My Honduran friends have so much Hope in Jesus that it truly brings my faith journey at times to shame. I’m thankful God’s grace and mercy covers us. I’m grateful that my Honduran friends didn’t want pity over their living situation; they just wanted Jesus. Sometimes the only Jesus they will see is in the work of His people. I see a great need for members of the body to exit the pews and enter communities!

On our bus ride back to the mission house, I was covered in water from the rain, sweat, dirt, and mud from working to build a house, but the strangest thing is I felt pure, clean, and refreshed! That’s what compassion will do…it turns you into the image of Jesus!

Tonight, I’m thankful for families like Marc & Terri, Nicole and Matt who give their lives to serving every day. That’s why I feel called to Honduras Hope, because it’s ongoing. It’s making a difference. And even when I leave on Monday, the serving won’t stop.

I’m learning a greater reason to be thankful for God’s choosing in my life. I’m blessed more than I choose to see at times. I’m learning to appreciate God’s favor and not to always be expecting more. If God doesn’t bless me anymore, He’s already blessed me enough!

One last thing, we’ve been hanging with Kinsey and Jocelyn since arriving and they are making this mission even more worthwhile! God thank you for new friendships…thank you for unity!

I have more reflections to share on Monday! Thanks for taking the time to reflect with me!


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  1. Very wonderful story. You did a lot, and God honors that.

  2. Shanita....this is so inspiring. You have so much compassion for others. This just bring tears of joy to my eyes. I love this because it encourages me to get out and help those in need...

  3. Wow!!! What an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing!


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