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Monday, July 22, 2013

July 4, 2013 (Journal Entry)

It is Independence Day to the USA and I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee, along with watermelon, pineapple, and toast for breakfast here in Honduras. Today, we drove several hours to work in a medical clinic, which would be somewhat lighter service than previous days. Marc typically makes the first 3 days hard labor for the teams that come in; then we get to spend the rest of the time doing less physical labor and more relationship building. I was able to sit down and color with a young girl, Arianna, who was waiting with her family whom were going into the free medical and dental clinics that our team put together. As we colored from a Winnie the Pooh coloring book, I noticed she was coloring the bodies of all the animals black and then the faces were white. I offered different color choices; she refused and insisted with wordless expression that white was best.

I colored my faces brown, purple, even orange. I am free to do that right?

All of her characters had a light colored face; even the Donkey, Piglet, and Rabbit had a white face. Their bodies would be black or brown and she’d choose white for the face. It was intriguing that she never chose the brown or yellow crayon, as Winnie the Pooh is a yellow bear. Just like in America, the most prominent image is of the Caucasian face. It saddened me a bit, but I learned a lot from Arianna on how she views image. I also learned that sometimes no matter where you go, lighter faces are more prominent and anything darker is inferior.

However, thank God that He sees us all equally. He doesn’t see color; He sees character. He doesn’t see physical beauty; He sees intention. He doesn’t distinguish between rich and poor and one being better than the other. He sees our hearts.  (1 Samuel 16:7)

He sees His Son in us. He sees Jesus when He looks at me or a child in Honduras.

I want to see like Jesus.

I want to see Jesus when I look at a little girl…not pity.
I want to remember Jesus when she describes her family…not shame.
I want to see Jesus when I see our color differences…in how He died to make us one blood in Him (Acts 17:26).

He died to make us free.

Happy Independence Day.

Independently walking this Earth in search of unity in Jesus. I found it in Arianna’s eyes regardless of her crayon choice. I learned today to freely be like Jesus, serve like Jesus, talk like Jesus, look for Jesus...

In every place.

In every person.


I can't wait to share more on Friday! Prayerfully, no one was offended by my reflections. They are merely that, reflections. I pray we are all encouraged to see ourselves and others as God sees us!


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  1. Loving these stories. Thanks for sharing. God bless your ministry.


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