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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 1, 2013 (Journal Entry)

Wow! I am so beyond blessed and humbled to experience my very first mission trip overseas! I think it’s kind of a big deal to up and leave my country of origin…but that’s just me. I know people do this all the time, but me, how did I get HERE? I feel blessed by God to be able to see this day; blessed to be able to serve; blessed that God would use me to love and be loved by His people in another country. I am blessed to start this particular faith journey with my best friend and ministry partner, Shanita. We’ve burned up many miles traveling and serving together for the glory of God, but never left the U.S. together…well here we go! I’m not feeling nervous at all. I’m excited! I’m on the edge of my seat as I’m writing away on this plane. Excited to experience something new; expectant, because God always has a way of showing me something grand. Revealing His Spirit mightily. I’m proud of myself for not being afraid.

I can’t believe the culture change the second we hit Central America. Even the airplane staff was spiritually kind and accommodating. The pilot made sure to point out to our left the Jesus statue, which overlooks Honduras. He praised God for reaching Honduras and everyone erupted into applause as the plane wheels touched the runway of the city capital, Tegucigalpa. I have never heard a pilot mention God before on a flight! The mission is just beginning.

Right away, the Spanish language enveloped me. I tried to kick my 2 years of high school Spanish classes into high gear, as I have longed to speak fluently. Hola! Como estas? Then the conversation turns into a waterfall and I couldn’t keep up! I immediately had to admit, “No Comprendo," I don't understand. Little did I know that, learning the language was just a drop in the bucket of communicating.

First stop after meeting our missionary leader, Marc (who is from the US but lives in Honduras now with his family) was lunch. I’m thinking we’re about to pull up to a Spanish restaurant, and what do I see, Popeye’s! Yep, I got excited for the familiarity. Everybody loves chicken, right? Marc made us order by ourselves...in Spanish! Way to dive in and get accustomed to the culture. I loved the challenge, the mistakes, and the smiles. Already.

After we ate, we stopped at a compassion village and it was pouring down rain. The children in the village were playing outside in the rain, looking in the truck window; so I guess that meant, “are you going to get out and play with us or sit in there?” Once the rain let up, we got out and walked inside this small church building. I started greeting people, “Hola, como esta, como se llamas!" One lady just started speaking really fast and showing us the kitchen, the bathroom, the children's music class, etc. She introduced me to her abuela; I do remember that means grandmother. I thought of my grandmother that recently passed away. I hugged her several times and told her I loved her. I meant it.

Our crew then went outside where there was an open field, where many children and some adults were playing soccer and stomping in mud puddles. I saw a young girl standing by herself, so I introduced myself and found out her name was Kimberley. I took my new friend by the hand and asked if she wanted to walk around. We walked. We skipped. We played some hand games (just like the ones I grew up playing). She hugged me several times, pointed towards her home so that I could see her family and house, and even made sure to hug me and say “adios Melanie” before we got on the bus to go to the mission house where we’d be staying for a week. In that short amount of time, which was probably a little over an hour or more, I was connected to a young Honduran girl who knew my name. It was at that moment, that I thought of God who knows my name too and knows how and why I am here! It's because He is here too...

God sent me on a mission trip, but it seems I am the mission.


Be transformed
Be open
See God differently
See beauty in all things, all people
Learn to free myself
Speak a new language
Have compassion

I’m ready for the rest of this mission.


Because of the Spirit’s leading,


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  1. Melanie I'm so touched by your experience. You're truly an inspiration to so many....thanks for sharing your experience

  2. Brought me to tears. I am so thankful you both had an opportunity to fulfill your dream.

  3. There is no one Id rather experience Honduras with than the two girls God sent me this trip...Shanita and Melanie! I am forever changed by their passion for Christ and pray I can be more like them every day as we walk with Christ!

  4. Thank you for sharing your mission trip experience. As I was reading your adventure, I pictured you playing in the rain with the children. Praise the Lord!

  5. Thank each of you for taking the time to read this today! More to come on Friday!

  6. I can imagine the joy you must have felt... So great.


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