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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It's time.
Time to shake yourself loose of the demons calling you
Time to break the stopwatch racing down the seconds of your sparkling existence
Instead of lusting the sparkling needle running cocaine through your veins
Doping your system and hiding your problems from the mirror within
Ecstasy gives you temporary ecstasy
diluting your senses and misfiring brain cells
Heroine numbs your body to the pain in your heart that no man can touch
Pain that does not disappear, only transfers to the people in your life watching you waste away
Mixing pills that fill your sky with an imaginary rainbow, but you've already spent the pot of gold at the end
Poor in spirit, negative in the bank account of your soul
You open that closet of dead men's bones over and over, only making them disappear till that high has passed
Alcohol burns the words you cannot say deep in your throat
Throwing up your regrets with a hangover of lost hopes and dreams
Drink after drink impairs you more with each swallow
Pour yourself out on God's altar instead of pouring yourself another shot
It's time to turn around and accept your madness
You're not alone, we see your struggle and we all understand
We've been there and have come through the other side of the fiery hell temptation brings
Singed and broken, but yet still whole in Jesus
Listen to the pleas of the righteous
Begging you to step into your faithfulness
Hear the symphony of salvation beckoning you to come to the cross
Open your heart to the ringing of redemption, bouncing echoes of love across your soul
We can't go with you, but we'll be standing by when you call
And receive you with open arms, wrapping you in a sober hug of blessedness
For we know that this war within is not against the things of this world,
But it's a daily struggle against spiritual wickedness
It's not the dealer on the corner, it's the
sinner in the mirror
It's not the needle in your arm that needs a hit
it's your heart that needs to be pricked
Trust the One who can make you whole
The Savior will renew your mind, body and soul
Make the choice. Walk in, lay it down, give it up...
Your intervention is here.

~Jessica Tolliver~

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  1. Wow! Love Ms Tollivers poetry. Has she been published? She should be
    What a talent!

    1. Melanie,

      Not yet! We are giving her the opportunity to promote her poetry through SWAP and you never know what door God opens ups next! Her writing truly makes us think and want to change for God!

      We are so glad you are enjoying the work through SWAP! :)

    2. Well she sure has me as a fan! What a talented writer and poet. I print off the poems she writes and save them. Please tell her that I'm a fan of her work

      Love y'all!


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