Freedom Friday

Friday, August 09, 2013

Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name.” (Psalm 142:7, NIV)


The explosion came out of nowhere and before you even realized it, you’ve uttered some very hurtful words. You vow to yourself that you will never do it again: “I’ll be slow to speak, I promise.” You seem to be doing well, being very careful of every single letter that comes out of your mouth…and then something sets you off again. You explode! You say hurtful things! You hurt people’s feelings! The cycle continues!

Has your anger gotten your mouth into trouble? 

Have you found yourself ashamed after having an explosive episode because your outrageous words hurt your loved ones making you feel and even look like the big bad wolf? Because of your angry outbursts no one wants to be around you…you’ve become that stinky kid in class. Everyone's turning up their nose at you!

Ladies, uncontrolled anger is a mental prison. Uncontrolled anger is a negative stronghold that keeps you behind bars, and keeps others from wanting to even get close enough to you to let you out.

Has your freedom of speech landed you behind bars? If so, you have the right to remain silent? You may be thinking, those are criminal expressions, and you’re right. Our negative behavior is criminal in God’s sight and it imprisons us. It’s easy to take the liberty of free speech as the freedom to say anything to anyone, any kind of way. That mentality is wrong.

If our words hurt and not heal, then we need to remain silent. 

If our words damage and not deliver, then we need to remain silent. 

If our words are used to control others instead of comforting others, then we need to remain silent.

We don’t know where you are at this present moment in your life. Maybe the person with the uncontrolled anger is you; perhaps it’s your husband, co-worker, parent, child, or even a friend. Whether it’s you or someone close to you, we encourage you (and them) to take three simple steps to break the negative stronghold of uncontrolled anger:

  1. Identify when and why your anger spins out of control and find ways to calm down before the “burn” in you causes a fire
  2. Repent of your explosive behavior before the Lord and ask forgiveness to anyone you have blown up on
  3. Seek Godly counsel. Get a S.A.P. that will hold you accountable (For more information about S.A.P.s, purchase our 9-week devotional book, It’s Over: Finding Freedom By Breaking Negative Strongholds)

Today, it’s time to free yourself from the mental prison of uncontrolled anger and exercise your right to remain silent.

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