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Friday, August 16, 2013

(Jessica is sharing with us another poem today; this one is inspired by Vh1's infamous weekly tv show, Love & Hip Hop. Enjoy, SWAPs!)


You thought it was love, but the beat of your hearts sounded more like hip hop
The bass of voices shouting in anger thumping against the walls
The smooth lines and catchy phrases of your lies
The swag of your life carrying you through a televised reality
A show for an audience that doesn't care about you, only about the drama
You check for tweets from vultures waiting on your demise
Forming your features on Facebook, updating your status with OMGs and LOLs
while crying out softly for someone to friend request the real you...
Your life, their entertainment.
Microwaveable desires that cook too quickly and never seem to satisfy
You get on the Devil's bus, where every passenger pays the ultimate fare,
the driver taking a fixed route to the pits of Hell
Turned up for foolishness, ready to party to your destruction cause you "bout dat life"
Playing the game until you get played
But what was the prize if you had won?
The loss is really your gain in this war of the worlds
Lose your lust for life and win a passion for Heaven
Get your life and follow a path of Christianity, truth and integrity...
in that order.
Scrap your dirty laundry and pick up robes of righteousness
Get out of the studio and record a prayer of thankfulness
Drop your mic and listen to the words of Jesus
Flow with rhymes dripping of that crimson tide
Rock to a slow jam that soothes your soul with a tune of salvation
So sweet, so clear it nourishes your soul and becomes your favorite song.
Change the tune of your life and drop a beat that brings you in harmony with God.
MY mic sounds nice, check three...Are YOU ready?

~ Jessica Tolliver~

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