S.W.A.P. Expressions

Friday, September 27, 2013


When the people pray, a moral revolution integrates the light of the world into a dark place
New eras are birthed from a womb of glorious possibilities
Great revivals start under the tents of faith, singing songs of salvation and redemption
Missionary movements begin and people are beckoned out of darkness
Churches catch fire with gasoline of the Word, sparked by his Holy Spirit
Empires lifted off their hinges, no match for the giant that can move mountains
Power resurrected the dead from the pew to the pulpit, haunting Satan with his own crushing defeats
The ground breaks apart with a earthquake of praise for not just what He's already done, but what He WILL do
The skies cry with tears of compassion as its people weep for the sinners and the unrepentant
Others begin to forgive with a spirit of love and become slow to anger, as if mastered by a puppeteer
Mirrors begin to reflect the vacancy in our heart that the Devil once carved out, but now God stands in the gap
The Bible becomes real, serving as a path to walk instead of just a book to read
When the people pray they speak with courage, compelled to their feet by the power of their convictions
Be shocked by your shamefaced cowardice no more, but
Be restored by your strong willed bravery
Boldness is the key to opening your door of opportunity
And inside you'll find God waiting for you with outstretched arms
When God's people pray, the world says "Amen."

~Jessica Tolliver~

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