In The Meantime: Continuing Instant in Prayer

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)

Have you been praying specifically for something and it just seems like God has your request on hold? 

Are you growing tired of praying and feeling like your pleas aren’t getting past the ceiling?

We’ve been there.

Wondering. Waiting. Whining… because God isn’t answering on time.

What about you?

Have you just given up on praying because God honestly isn’t answering quickly enough? It’s okay admitting that you have…

It’s as if we've put God in a box, expecting Him to perform for us, on our schedules. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is not in line with the Word. The prophet Isaiah wrote,

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Our Father may not respond the way we want Him to…when we want Him to. That’s the whole purpose of this series: knowing what to do while we’re waiting on God; because like a old gospel song says, “He may not come when we want Him, but He’ll be there right on time.” So there must be something that we’re supposed to be doing in the meantime!

Over the past three weeks we’ve discussed rejoicing in hope and praising God even when we can’t touch the blessings that are right before our eyes. We’ve also learned how to be patient in tribulation, realizing that in our times of waiting, God is growing us for a greater purpose.

So what else is there to do? In the meantime, we can also be continuing instant in prayer.

When God hasn’t answered us, we shouldn’t give up on prayer; we should give ourselves continually and entirely to it.

You may be thinking, keep on praying even though it seems like my prayers aren’t working? Well, let’s look a little deeper at what the words mean. The very phrase continuing instant means to be diligent, never tire; and the word prayer means to worship, supplicate, and specifically call out to God.

So we shouldn’t get tired of calling out to God with our requests; and if prayer is worship, then we must worship God no matter the circumstance, and no matter how long the wait.

What’s your prayer life looking like? Are you calling on Him nonstop, or just when it’s convenient? Do you give up after a day of praying or can God count on you to pray and thank, and cry out to Him all the time?

Continuing instant in prayer means we should be thanking God while the clock ticks and praising Him as we pass the time. It should be like second nature to pray, pray, and keep on praying! When times are good: PRAY! When times are rough: PRAY! When time is long: PRAY some more!

We found that when we spent more of our in the meantime focusing on the perfect God who controls all time, that time itself moved faster. We found that as we concentrated on the Consecrated One, our hearts shifted towards working and serving Him versus shuffling towards our own wants and demands. Our prayers increased and our anxieties, fears, and agendas decreased.

In the meantime, prayer should not be a mundane part of your life. Neither should it be a quick emotionless demand for something you want. Prayer is so much deeper than asking for your desires to be met.

James 5:16 states that “the effectual, fervent, prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” This means prayer is an energized, activated, part of life! This fervent prayer is mighty and efficient as an occupation. Prayer involves consistency and dedication.

Prayer is one of our most underused privileges given to us by God. It’s where we connect, grow, adore, become vulnerable, and submit ourselves. Sometimes we have issues in our lives and we just talk about them with everyone else without actually praying to the Father about them and then we wonder why we’re not getting our blessings or growing spiritually. Why not take the time to talk to the Father about how you’re feeling about having to wait on Him? So many individuals in the Bible cried out to the Lord in despair, curiosity, faith, anger, and even to try Him. For whatever reason, continue instant in prayer to the Lord.

Maybe, like us, you’ve been praying for so long and wondering if God hears you; or you’re growing weary of praying and want to give up. We’ve all gone down those roads, but take it from us, there are so many things you can be praying for in the meantime when you’re waiting on the Lord to answer.  You can be praying for:

His purpose to be revealed
People around you
Opportunities to serve
Joy to be magnified
To praise God
Wholeness while you wait
God’s plan to manifest and prevail
Strongholds to be broken
Barriers to be demolished
Satan to be removed
God’s ministry to flourish
Love to surround you

Jesus made praying in the garden a consistent part of His life and just like He prayed and encouraged the disciples to pray as He was facing His greatest trial, we also must continue in prayer if we want to achieve the reward as He did!

In the meantime, prayer should take center stage in your life. Prayer should be the catalyst behind everything that you do. Prayer should be the fuel that helps you to endure the trials that come. In the midst of our waiting lies the greatest opportunity to worship! Continue instant in it.

Questions for Reflection:

1. How is your prayer life?
2. Is there an area of this series that you’re struggling in the most (rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, or continuing instant in prayer)?
3. Looking back at our In the Meantime series (Romans 12:12) and our 30 Days of Waiting and Patience journey, how have you been encouraged to wait on the Lord in your life?

Pray with us:

Dear Lord, we love you and thank you for your continued patience with us! We praise you for being the God of faithfulness, truth, and salvation. Lord, for your Son Jesus giving His life for us, we are forever grateful and indebted to you; so we give our lives a daily sacrifice to you. We ask Father that as we meditate on Romans 12:12 that we live always rejoicing in the hope of heaven and hope of your love. We pray that each day we become more patient in our tribulations and grow in your purpose for our lives. It is our hope that our lives of prayer will be consistent and never dull nor mundane. May we worship you at all times; and learn to wait on you in all things, not just the easy things. In the blessed and holy name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

For scripture reflection, refer to our journey of 30 Days of Waiting and Patience.
Lesson 1 – In The Meantime: Romans 12:12
Lesson 2 – In The Meantime: Rejoicing in Hope
Lesson 3 – In The Meantime: Patient in Tribulation

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  1. My sisters I just want to say Thank you for In The Meantime Series. I have truly been uplifted and learned a lot. This is truly inspiring. Learning patience while I wait on the Lord.

    1. Thank you for joining us Debra! Your presence was greatly appreciated and we thank God that He's blessed you through this study!

  2. I just found your site and I'm already so blessed by it...thank you! Your site was the first to appear when I Googled: prayer, waiting in the meantime. I'm especially thankful to God for leading me to your site today. Be blessed!

    1. Cue, we are so grateful you found our website! It is truly a God-send that you are here and experiencing the blessings of this ministry. God's messages are always timely and most important, accurate. Please browse around and get more acquainted with our women's ministry. We pray you will be encouraged! Thanks for leaving us a note; it means more to us than you know!

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