In The Meantime: Romans 12:12

Monday, October 07, 2013

Do you ever feel like God has selective hearing?

Sometimes He’s right there with you and the next moment, you’re begging and pleading yet getting nothing!

Maybe you’ve been praying for a breakthrough for months, even years wondering why everyone around you is making moves and you’re just barely keeping your head above water.

… or perhaps you were persistently searching for a church home, and trying to connect, and later find that the church could not meet your emotional, social, nor spiritual needs.

… or possibly you’ve prayed for a job, wasn’t specific and settled for the first thing; and now you’re wondering why you’re unsatisfied, fatigued, and feeling unproductive and unfulfilled.

We’ve been there.

We were impatient and found ourselves begging God to hear us and deliver us from the mess we’ve made with our lives!

Sound familiar? 

What we failed to do, yet have now realized was that during our haste, we didn’t seek God’s counsel because we thought we knew what was best for us…we thought we knew we needed to act before the opportunities slipped through our fingers. We thought the Spirit was speaking and leading, but it was just our emotions pushing and pleading for us to go on without consulting the Lord.

Thank God for His Spirit whom revealed Romans 12:12 to us; “rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulations, continuing instant in prayer,” because this word taught us that:

  • when things were uncertain and seemed hopeless, we should have been rejoicing
  • when trials were making us want to run for the hills, we should have been patient
  • when we wanted to cry, lash out, or complain, we should have been praying

We learned that God sometimes places us in certain situations where we have no choice but to wait and trust in Him. He needs us to sit still.

Look at your life: What is the one thing that you’re having trouble waiting on? What are you doing about it?

Are you rejoicing or sulking because once again you’re alone? God may need you to be alone right now, so that you can improve your relationship with Him! Are you practicing patience, or pushing ahead so that you can be the first one ahead? Are you praying or just waking up every morning wondering why you don’t have it?

We’re not mentioning these things to make you feel ashamed or alone or faithless… we know what happens when you can’t wait; you’re like a high school senior who can’t focus in class because you have your sights set on college! And that’s okay, however sometimes God needs to mold you, heal you, and restore you before you get to that next level. We’re trying to go into new situations with our old selves. We’re trying to go into fixed places all broken up. We’re trying to run quickly to healed land, when God is still putting balm on our bruises. Sit still.

Satan will try to knock you off track during this study; it’s his job to make you forget God’s purpose for your life, to tell you to get going when we should be rolling on wheels of patience! We want to remind you that you can wait patiently even when what you want is right before you but you can’t touch it yet; this is what Romans 12:12 is about.

We’re facing our impatience with a plan that we’re submitting to the Lord! For this study let’s focus on how to rejoice when in the meantime our desires are running in the opposite direction, how to be patient when in the meantime we’re being pounded on by life, and how to keep praying when in the meantime we don’t think our prayers are being heard.

Before next week’s lesson:

  1. Specify the 1-3 area(s) in your life where you need patience. What are they?
  2. Write them down. What are you currently doing in this situation? Be honest: are you crying about it everyday? Complaining to your friends about it? Writing it in your journal, but not putting anything into action? Where are you?
  3. Once you've answered those questions, pray about how you want God to move in this situation. Pray about how you want the vulnerability to be able to wait on His leading. 

Pray with us:
Dear God, it takes courage to admit that we can get ahead of ourselves sometimes. Father we’re stepping out of our comfort zones of rushing to learn how to wait on your ruling in our lives. We want to submit to you. We want desperately to grow in our relationships with You, ourselves, and with others without sabotaging them with our selfish desires. How do you need us to bend Father? Holy Spirit, expose to us the areas where we need to exercise patience and begin to reveal scriptures we need to focus on to help us in our specific situations. In the meantime, we will seek your way; we will seek your face; we will seek your patience, which means salvation (2 Peter 3:15). Help us to understand and accept that you may answer differently than we expect, and when we expect, but that it’s okay. We trust in your timing and love you Lord. In Jesus’ sacrificial name we pray, Amen!

For scripture reflection, refer to our journey of 30 Days of Waiting and Patience.

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  1. God needs to mold you, heal you, and restore you before you get to that next level. This statement really spoke to me as I thought about a time in my life when I was wanting to move forward in my career. While I was blessed with a new position, when I took the job I was extremely burned out! I felt like I had lost my fire. It took me several years to feel restored, but I can see how God was working in my life in the meantime. So excited to be about of this devotional!

    1. Amen to this! Wow, we are thankful that this message has blessed your life! We have been in this exact predicament and wished we would have listened to the Lord, as we were burnt out and lost our zeal! It is more than a blessing to know that you are excited about this devotional, we're so glad to swap with you :)

  2. Love this! I soooooo needed it at this very time too! God is so amazing!

    1. DeAnna, we are very grateful for you! We are sure the Holy Spirit knew what you needed through this lesson!! Our prayer is that you will continue to be strengthen through the lessons to come!!

    2. We had such a good study tonight with our Growing in Grace group. Interesting how God speaks to us....

    3. DeAnna, this is such a blessing to read!

  3. This is so powerful. God is so good


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