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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In The Meantime

Like a bell ringing its melodious tone long after its been hit
I wait for you to guide me in the right direction
Like a circle with no beginning and no end
My patience should grow in an enduring spiral of love that makes my waiting a joy
Buffeted for my faults, thrashed for my wrongs
Beaten for my shortcomings and pummeled for all my sins
I ingest the pain like a slow working medicine that requires patience to work
I suffer for His glory and pray to receive God's blessings
Did the Spirit speak? Did He tell me where to go and what to do?
Or did my feelings speak, pushing me to handle the situation on my own because He was taking too long...
Taking too much of the gift that belongs to Him already
And since His time is not our time at all,
Waiting is a luxury we should revel in-not drown in.
Realize God isn't punishing you by not giving you what you want
He's waiting for you to give glory for what you have
To see the beauty in your situation
To feel the Comforter providing what you need till you're ready
But in the meantime, encapsulated in the between time is where Jesus lies
Holding our breaths in the palm of his hand
Cradling our precious days in his arms
Nesting our hopes and dreams as his own
Rocking our disappointments and worries to an eternal sleep
I wait with a plan because God has already told me he has prosperity laid away for me
I wait in action, constantly praying for focus and determination to remain faithful
I wait in hope that not only will my earthly prayers be answered,
But that my ultimate prayer to have a forever home with Jesus will be heard and granted.
In His name, Selah.

~Jessica Tolliver~

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  1. Just beautiful!!! This poem is definitely speaking to me.... love it


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