In The Loop: Testimony Tuesday & Freedom Friday

Friday, November 22, 2013

Do you have a story, a message of deliverance, or a word of healing that you want to share with your SWAPs? Has God blessed your life in a mighty way and you’ve been waiting for the platform to share His goodness with the world? Well, we have that venue, right here, through S.W.A.P. Ministries during the month of December!

Testimony Tuesdays and Freedom Fridays are back next month, and we’re moving out of the way so that YOU can swap your stories of triumph here in a safe, spiritual, and supportive place. That’s right, we want to hear your testimony!

Got one? Send your story of faith (in 100-250 words) to and throughout the month of December we will share your testimonies through our blog!

Testimony TuesdayThis day is designated to swap with each other about how God has blessed us. Be it the previous day, week, year, or even in the present moment, we just want to give God the honor and recognition He is due for showing up mightily in our lives.

Freedom FridayA day designed to get free from a struggle or negative stronghold. You don’t have to wait until Friday to free yourself, but this day is designated for us to come together and swap what evils and issues God has freed us from! For example, intentionally free yourself from drama today, from jealousy, from unhealthy comparisons, or from self-hate. Let’s purge ourselves of the enemy’s evil influence so that we can accept all the divine goodness God has to give. 

We hope that you will join S.W.A.P. Ministries as testifying about where God has brought us from and freeing ourselves of negative strongholds are both positive strides to take as we journey faithfully and powerfully into 2014!

So, let’s get ready to get bold, get swapping, and get growing together in the Lord as an amazing, transformational, and freeing way to end the year!

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