Midweek Push

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” 
(Philippians 2:13, NIV)


Is there a situation in your life that has you running? One of those situations that you just don’t want to face so you avoid it at all cost?!

Thinking about it weighs you down, and facing it terrifies you. Have you been there? Are you in that place right now?

Where did we get the idea that facing situations or people only leads to further heartache? Could it be a tool of satan to deceive you into ducking and dodging all your life, instead of facing the truth of the situation? While you’re running from your fears, you’re missing out on potential growth opportunities. Whenever the enemy showed up in Jesus’ life, He didn’t duck and dodge, He faced the enemy head on and told satan where to go.

Look at your life. Are you ducking and dodging some situations in your life and not facing them head on? Perhaps it’s a nurse that mistreated your mother while she was in the hospital and you haven’t had the courage to talk with the nurse about it: Ducking your feelings of being offended.

…or the soccer mom who belittles the entire team when they don’t win a game. Dodging your feelings of resentment.

…or your spouse who’s constantly nagging you about signing up for the gym: Ducking your feelings of shame.

…or the work bully who reports you for misspellings in an email. Dodging your feelings of humiliation.

…or the church member who never checks on you but throws scripture at you if you miss a Sunday. Ducking your feelings of condemnation.

…or the reason you’re looking in the mirror and calling yourself ugly. Dodging your true beauty.

…or the reason you run to a bag of chips or ice cream every night. Ducking your real issues of anxiety and stress.

You know what we’re talking about even if what you’re ducking and dodging from didn’t make the list.

Let’s be honest here, the reason we run from things we’re dealing with is because we’ve believed the lie that addressing the situation would do us more harm than good. Initially the sting of confronting an issue will make us shrink back; but we must not confuse resolution with confrontation. God’s way is peace, satan’s way is confusion.

Do you want to break free from the ducking and dodging in your life?

We challenge you to understand that:

• You can’t make everyone happy, so address situations in ways that are pleasing to God.
• Don’t harbor negative feelings towards others, release those emotions
• If you’re not at a point to address a person because you fear for your life, spend time praying that God
  will change your heart and ease the situation
• Remember that forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation.

Today, push through any fear that keeps you hiding. Push through any pain that keeps you hurt. Push through any sadness that keeps you stuck. Push through any emotion that keeps you entangled.

Ducking and Dodging is a tool of satan and we refuse to be his instrument. Who’s with us?

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