31 Days of Wisdom: Printable Calendar

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello SWAPs!

We are ready to embark on a new year! Our kickoff affirmation is Believest Thou Are Wise as we dive into the Word for 31 Days to see what God has shared with us about wisdom! We’re encouraging you to take this journey with us: 31 Days of Wisdom! Each day we will post a new scripture relating to wisdom. Feel free to share your thoughts and encouragement with others in this ministry by posting on the blog and/or by sharing it on our Facebook page! The purpose is to meditate on and apply God’s Word so that we can understand biblical wisdom and apply it to our lives, daily!

Each day as you read the chosen scripture, keep these questions in mind:

1) What is this passage teaching me about wisdom?
2) Am I calling on God’s wisdom or the world’s wisdom in my decisions?
3) Believest Thou are wise? How will I exercise wisdom today?

If you know someone that can benefit from this spiritual journey, swap this message with him or her. We can all stand to grow from God’s Word, and He may be using you to help someone else be encouraged. This 31 Days of Wisdom is the kickoff to our Believest Thou theme for 2014, so let’s all prepare, share, and be in prayer, as we believe God in all areas of our lives!

Click here for your 31 Days of Wisdom Calendar! Feel free to print it out. If you have any trouble retrieving this document, please email us at swapideas2011@gmail.com.

2 Timothy 2:15 ☺

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