S.W.A.P. Expressions

Friday, December 27, 2013

This is our last S.W.A.P. Expressions poem from Jessica for this year! Let us praise God for her yielding her talents, each month, to glorify God and uplift us! Thank you Jessica for your words; you are truly a Sister With A Purpose!

Doctor's Visit

Cancer ravaged my cells and cast my health to the wolves
Viruses did unknown things to my body that the doctor could not explain
Arthritis cracked my bones and rotted my heart with unspeakable pain
Auto immune disease attacked my system and fought the Godly things meant to help me
Dementia warped my mind and allowed me to think insane thoughts
Depression brought me to such a low place that when I looked up I still saw the ground
Cold would not release me; my nose ran with a thousand lies I've told
My throat was sore from all the secrets I've held
My head hurt from all the memories of the pain I've caused
Jaundice yellowed my eyesight so that I couldn't see the true colors of my reality
Excema dried my skin so and the mere touch of a friend irritated me
Sleep apnea made me toss and turn with the turmoil of my unrepented sin
I was sick beyond repair, ill with the disease of worldliness
And the only possible cure was Jesus.
His healing power fixes every single broken thing
The spiritual salve the Word provides comforts my soul and lays all my pain down by the riverside
Washing my ails in a stream of forgiveness and mercy till they were white as snow
My prescription was a dose of scripture every morning and every nite
Coupled with a healthy portion of prayer and supplication
Followed by a strict regimen of virtuous living and pure thoughts and
I should be better soon.

~Jessica Tolliver~

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  1. Love this
    She is one talented lady!


  2. Gurl u r awesome and continue to bless my soul! May God continue to get the glory out of your life.


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