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Friday, January 17, 2014

Jessica Tolliver is back to share another original poetry piece with us! Check out, Judas, and swap your thoughts with us below!


Some people are a modern-day Judas
Walking and talking with Jesus
But not headed in the right direction
and not listening to what He had to say.
Deception lies in every step as she handles the communion and stands for a fake repentance
Teaches bible class, sings in the choir
and puts 30 pieces of silver in the collection plate
Was she baptized? Or maybe she just got wet,
dripping with the want of Christianity but not the desire to be a Christian
Dressing up with the cloth of morality as she steps outside to drown in her sins
She witnesses miracles, yet kisses MY Lord on the cheek
while seeking to destroy Him and the spiritual body
Honoring Him with her glossy lips, but her Coach covered heart is at Satan's party
It goes on for 24 hours with no breaks and only one rule:
"Come as you are and leave much worse."
Collecting unrecognized pieces of herself in her expensive purse
Leaving a broken spirit behind and picking up a false pretense much heavier to carry
She comes to church each week, but the sermon does not reach the inner man,
Because she never came in the building.
A shell of a woman, a curvy statue shaking hands and giving hugs
While finding the perfect spot to stab Jesus in the back,
because we should all be like Christ after all.
Hang that devil inside with the rope of the Word
It's thick strands gripping his neck with the twines of charity and growth
She squeezes the life out of him every time she forgives an enemy and shows love to others
And when that Devil has passed away, cut him down and bury him deep
Even though he will keep digging his way back to her heart, she must repeat the murder every time
And fill that space with the ripe fruits of the spirit so there will be no room left
Keep your eyes open, because God warns us to beware of false prophets
and point them out...
Nobody noticed the snake in Jesus' camp, but...
Will they notice you?

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