Believest Thou Are His: Lesson 1

Monday, February 03, 2014

The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord…” (1 Corinthians 7:34)

Why Are You Worried?

The single woman. She has many cares placed before her eyes.

Care for her self. Care for her parents. Care for her friends. Care for her finances. Care for her reputation. Care for her fashion. Care for her career. Care for her spirit. The scripture above states that among all the things that the unmarried woman could care for, she careth for the things of the Lord.

The word careth here means anxious about, or taking constant thought of something. Other bible versions say, “concerned about the Lord’s affairs,” or “free to concentrate on simply pleasing the Master.”

How would you describe your single life? What are you constantly thinking about or caring for? Is it that you’re alone; the desperate desire to have a date; to shoot up the corporate ladder; to serve God; to dress to impress; to be married?

Paul, in this verse, is expressing to the church that no matter what your state, whether married or single, to live your life to please God. The married woman, not erroneously, but positionally in marriage, has the responsibility before her to please her husband (for example, her body is no longer her own and she may be so consumed with making her marriage work that it distracts her from concentrating completely on pleasing God).

However, the single woman has more freedom and flexibility to be fully devoted to things that please the Lord, like Bible study, sacrificing time, church involvement, prayer, worship, discipleship, and service. It doesn’t suggest that because you’re single, you don’t have a life; we know many singles who have a career, have parents to care for, are in school, have social activities and hobbies that they enjoy, yet a marriage is not taking their immediate focus off of God. This uninterrupted time with the Father allows the unmarried woman to refine her spiritual life.

Stop right now and take an inventory of the things you desire most and care about… are they pleasing the Lord? If not, what could you do to turn your focus towards Him? Just because you’re single it doesn’t mean that God is not pleased with you. He loves you! You are HIS! He is more excited to have your undivided attention and complete devotion.

Questions for Reflection:

1) What do you careth for?

2) What does it mean to please the Lord?

3) What are you doing with your life as an unmarried woman?

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  1. Hey Ladies,

    Hello from Childress. I have been waiting for this study and am looking forward to working through it. Hope both of you are doing well.

  2. Stachia,

    Hey Sweet Lady! We are so glad to hear from you and grateful you are joining us in this simple, mind opening study! We pray that through God's word and sharing through us that you will be encouraged and find the study to be beneficial! We are so glad to connect with you! We pray you too are doing well!


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