In The Loop: Believest Thou Are Comforted

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some may say, “It’s been a year, why are you still mourning;” others may remark, “you lost your job, oh just pull yourself up by your bootstraps;” still others may not empathize with the level of loss that comes with your only child leaving home. But no matter what others say, no one can tell you how or even how long you should grieve. Even when we don’t understand why or even know how we’ll go on some days, we can always seek comfort in our God.

With the Lord there’s comfort and a peace that we can grieve the way we need.

Beginning in March, Mountain Moving Mondays are back! We’ve come to realize that grief is a huge mountain and we all seek comfort to help us get through the pain of loss. We are so excited to dive into Psalm 62 this month to unearth words of comfort which will help us move the mountains of grief and loss in our lives.

Also for the month of March, we’re embarking upon a Midweek Push Interview Series. We experience the need for God's comfort in so many ways…in times of grief at the loss of a loved one or pet, career changes, loss of physical strength or ability, unexpected divorce, and even uncomfortable transitions like family additions, children leaving home, changes in worship, or financial loss.

Through our blog interview series, we’ve asked 4 women to share their experiences of loss and grief and swap how God helped them through those tough times. As we read their stories, we would love for you to swap with us your experiences so that we may all continue seeking comfort in the grieving process together!

Join us for Believest Thou Are Comforted this March as we embark on a new month of hope, healing, and purpose. If you're seeking comfort this season or know someone who is, then invite them to connect with us. Let's prepare to open our minds and Bibles as we dig deep and grow together in the Lord!

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    1. ​Cynthia,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We look forward to having you join us for Believest Thou Are Comforted!

  2. You are welcome. May God continue to bless your ministry.


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