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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

S.W.A.P.: Hi Jessica, Welcome Back! Would you like to share a few words about what sparked this poem, Through the Wire, and also how you feel it relates to our singles?

Jessica: "I'm struggling to be the Christian I ought to be everyday, and I wanted to show that no matter how much you want to give in, God is there with you-through the wire. I heard this song (both the Roberta Flack version and the Kanye West cover) and I realized I wasn't really paying attention to the words (as we often don't singing both secular and spiritual songs). As a single woman myself, I have to remember that God said "HE that finds a good woman findeth a good thing," not "She that seeketh or looks for a good man findeth a good thing." If I concentrate on Godly things, all the physical needs I have will be handled, including a mate. This spiritual fight is not against  flesh and blood, so this poem speaks to all women. Just take a moment to thank God for the way he fights for us every day, because even on our worst days we're still winning with Him."

S.W.A.P.: Thank you for sharing Jessica! We look forward to enjoying your poem below.


On a tightrope between heaven and hell
Teetering expertly on a path known so well
Protecting what's long since been for sale
Convincing yourself that others-not you- are headed to hell
I've come to tell you what I know
Stop trying to fulfill the status quo
Take a stand and fight against the Devil
You can't win cause your punches are too slow
Your jabs too soft, your hooks too weak
You'll never kill him being timid and meek
I'm proud Jesus is Who I rock with
The Son is who my heart is locked with
Each day this year I will expect the unseen
Grabbing for more than I could possibly dream
Even though no one would deem me worthy of His grace
In my hands He decides to delicately place
Thousands of breaths for the day ahead
In my face is Death but He chases him away and each moment after
we deceptively attempt to capture the Rapture promised to us every Sunday
Acting as if one day, heaven is already promised to us
Given and handed to us,
Even though we give God the rest of us
And leave the best for ourselves
Yet we wonder why we can't survive the tests that Life prepares...
It scares many to go through the biblical wire
To walk confidently in the spiritual fire
To keep believing faithfully when stuck in the mire
We must realize that God has a hand on us, to the limit and to the wall
And for Him, we must gladly risk it all
Thank you Lord! You save me over and over
Covering me with layers of your favor
And recovering all my wounds with your balm of Gilead
Erasing all the scars I ever had
And daily making me clean as snow.
Take me to the end Jesus, I'm ready.

~Jessica Tolliver

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  1. Powerful

    Thanks for that!

    1. Nedra,

      We're so glad you were encouraged by Jessica's poem! We're praying everything is going well your way and that you'll be joining us for our March theme: Believest Thou Are Comforted! Be Blessed :)

  2. Yes ma'am you know I be on it! Thank you ladies for your encouraging words


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